Tiny Leaks

I found a tiny tiny memory leak in the popular instant messaging client “Pidgin” today. I was noticing a bit slower than usual system performance, and i checked my RAM usage. I have 4 gigs, so that’s rarely an issue, but it was showing well over 2 gigs in use in normal deskopt usage. Something was up. Something nefarious and evil. I pulled up task manager with my leet tech support shortcut of ctrl-shift-esc, and saw, to my utter amazement, that the otherwise quiet and peaceful Pidgin, was now eating nearly 1.9 GB of memory all on it’s own. And i wasn’t even using it. It was just.. well, on. And yes, I just noticed there’s a new 2.6.2 version out, this was 2.6.1, so i might just be using obsolete shitware.

Tried to open it up, non-responsive. So, i did what any humane computer user would do, and i killed it off. Wham. Memory usage down to 20%.

Because it was so funny, i took a screenshot so i can remember this day far in the future, from my flying car.

Memoryleak in Pidgin 2.6.1
Memoryleak in Pidgin 2.6.1

Windows vs. Vista,AMD is being nonresponsive, Social Engineering

Odd problems. I have two desktops at work. Both with a 946GZ intel chipset/graphics whatever. Under Windows 7, i get extended dualscreen, under Vista, i get only Cloned mode. No changes in bios. What the hell is up with that? Seriously. It’s pissing me off.

Ok so some of you might remember i contacted AMD a while back to ask about stuff pertaining to Ubuntu and ATI Stream, and whether i could post stuff about it, and perhaps even ready .deb packages to help the community out, since ATI officially doesn’t make or support anything for Ubuntu. No reply from those guys… and that was like.. two months ago.

Ok, i’m also gonna write an article about information gathering on the internet. I recently did some “Sherlocking” of my own, and hunted down a webpage that B had started writing, with very little to go on. The process was rather interesting, and i was in fact impressed at how quickly i was able to track him down without any help! I’m also going to talk a little bit about Maltego, a commercial tool for doing information gathering.

Information gathering can be useful in many circumstances, like say, employers looking for prospective employees, or say a hacker doing some social engineering, or just a pen-tester looking for a way in to the target company.

Social engineering and information gathering has always been near to my heart, simply because in everything there’s always the human element that can make or break any secure system. If you can smile nicely to the secretary, or talk your way through a company reception desk, you can get the keys to the world. A well placed word or gesture can get you much further, much faster, than a keystroke.


In the underbelly of society, exists a cult. It’s members are not faceless, not unknown. But invisible to most, due to what? Ignorance? Sheer implied, intrinsic anonymity?

I speak not of a cult of religious proportions, though one might call it that, and not be too far off. It’s not a cult of violence, though elements of that may be found if properly sought.

I walk through the morning rush, scarecly aware of my surroundings. Still lacking the first cup of coffee for the day, my approach toward the innevitable is nearly automatic, or comatose, depending on your interpretation. A neatly clad woman passes me, clearly in either a more controlled, or a more rushed state of mind and time. Like sound trailing light, a cloud of entoxicating perfume drifts by, following her. It passes me, not long after she did. A moment of euphoria. Back to numbness.

Out of the subway now, still steaming toward the innevitability of the day’s work. A face passes by. A short exchange of looks, perhaps? Or just a simple, seemingly random gaze? A face recognized. From the cult.

No official, visible recognition of status or position, or even existence. Just a signifying look. Quick mental references; synapses firing wildly to connect dislocated data.

I smile contently.

Quote of the Weekend

The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally, he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are

– H.L. Mencken, Smart Set Magazine in December 1919

Idiocracy of the day, ft. the Finnish Justice System

“Logiikalla tai niin sanotuilla järkiperusteluilla ei tämän vuoksi ole todellista merkitystä uskonnollisista kysymyksistä käytävissä keskusteluissa”

Loosely translated: “Logic, or so called reason has no real relevance in discussions about religion.”

This was a quote from the supreme court today, as the sentencing for Jussi Halla-Aho, noted free-speech advocate took place. He was fined, and similar statements were made, effectively killing freedom of speech at least in regards to religious issues. And yes, that means any other form of freedom of speech loses importance. Religion is not exempt from criticism and ridicule, as is not anything else. This is a huge blow.

Tabloid Asshattery

Seriously, what the fuck?

Do these people writing “articles” in to these so called “magazines” call themselves “journalists” ? I mean, like are they on a coffee-break, and go like “so.. how is your journalisting going?” -“it’s swell, bob.” ? Do they hit on women in the bar in the after-hours by saying “Hey baby, i write for a magazine.. What do you do?”.

You people are idiots and bringing your title to shame. At least don’t call yourself journalists; take the title..asshat or dickbishop instead. I guess, the fault lies in your bosses, and the owners, and ultimately in the stupid population of this country, who are willing to, time and time again, pay for shit.

Okay, that’s just words on a screen, but just.. take any day. Take today as an example:

“The war of 1918 was extraordinarily expensive!”


“Marja-Leena Kirvesniemi forced to take sex-test”, yeah, in 1991 when she was still an active cross-country skier.

This shit was in the news tens, or even hundreds of years ago. Other shining examples of plainly fucking with readers include “Horrific Formula 1 accident @ Spa!”, yes, in 1973.

I mean, i know there are slow news days, and you need to cheat people out of their hard-earned money even those days, but come the fuck on. Couldn’t you find some piece of shit drying on the wall that looks like jesus, or like, find a picture of elvis or jackson alive? Just try? Or start making news! How about that?

Start jumping down from buildings wearing invisible bungee-cords, in the middle of a crowded shopping mall, and have a special effects team create a life-like corpse on the bottom floor! Or uh.. take an old boat out in to the docks, and sink it with nobody inside?

How a-fucking-bout it guys? Stop writing shit and bringing a shame to your fucking careers. I don’t have anything against news, how frivolous they might be, but fuck! I don’t need to re-read news from 20 years ago! “Man lands on moon!”, holy shit!!!!!!

Edit: Yes, all the news have a spurious connection to the modern day, such as “someone was sex-tested recently”, and “someone wrote a book on the civil war”, and “formula 1 is still dangerous”