2 Jan

Saying Hi to 2014


So.. 2014. Real psyched! Not really. No big plans for 2014, but there are a few milestones coming up nonetheless. My son will start elementary school this fall, which will obviously be HUGE. We’re not going abroad this year; we’re sort of planning a bigger trip in 2015 (possibly Japan), so that’s okay. It doesn’t rule out shorter trips, though. Maybe we’ll drive up north, or something.

I’m starting to get settled at my new job, and things are going smooth. Lots to do, which is not a bad thing at all. Loads of new stuff to learn, which is always great, and I need that. Not really much I can speak of, except a FreeNAS-build that I’m working on. I’ll maybe do a post or two on that build once it’s done. Sure, it’s not the EMC or IBM storage system that I often work with, but this is a cool project, that’s kind of on the sideburner. It’ll be done when it’s done.

At home, I’ve added a two-disk Iomega NAS to my network. It’s an IX-200, running in RAID1. So far, good experience. Sure, it’s not a honking big ZFS FreeNAS-box or anything, but it’ll do great as a dump/one of my backup locations. Quoting whoever said it first “If it isn’t in at least three locations, it doesn’t really exist”, refering to backups/data in general. I’ve also switched out my trusty Linksys WRT54GL to a TP-Link WR841N. It’s essentially a cheap-ish 802.11N spec access point, that can also run custom firmware. Currently on stock, but planning on putting in either OpenWRT or DD-WRT at some point. Both are installable and supported. I’ve gotten speeds of 144Mbps from the device (a laptop) to the AP, so it’s not all too bad. ┬áThe stock firmware doesn’t actually look too bad on that thing either. Gotta see if there’s something that actually is missing, which would warrant replacing it.

What else what else.. Well, I got a Sanyo Eneloop quick charger, with four AA Eneloop batteries. Everyone’s been saying good things about the Eneloop-series of products, so I have great expectations.

Updated my pf-box to OpenBSD 5.4. No biggie here.

One kind of “Wanna”-project for this year would be a ZFS-box. Let’s see if I have the funds for this. It’ll be a RAM-heavy box with both SSD’s and spinny disks. WD Red is really pleasing me (running that disk in two of my boxes currently), so that’s probably my go-to as for the rotating rust. SSDs will either be in there or not. If they are, they’ll be Intel’s most probably. My use case for an L2ARC and ZIL are speculative at best, so the only reason I’d have them is for practice and fun.

Bleh. My muse is not present, so this’ll be it.

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