10 Jun

Added PGP-key

Category:Encryption, Site news

I added my PGP public key, so you can send me mail with it. You can get it here, or by clicking the PGP-key link in the sidebar. If you want to send me something using PGP, use my grelbar {├Ąt-sign} gmail \dot\ com

Oh yeah, and i also recommend the FireGPG addon for Firefox. It can do encryption and decryption in a webmail environemnt, say gmail. You need gpg installed, in windows it’s something like wingpg? Or something. It comes installed in most Gnu/Linux distros. Import or create your own key to the key manager. Once it’s configured, you can just open an encrypted mail in gmail, and it’ll ask for your password to decrypt. It’s very easy, and works well.

The only thing we noticed with P is that when i reply to his mails from gmail, the encoding is all fucked, probably due to either gmail or Firefox or my systems or all of the above, but in any case, the decryption works fine.

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