14 Jun

Firefox plugins plug

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We’re gonna look at some of the plugins i like for Firefox today. This is not a long list, i’m not plugin addicted like certain people i know, but there are certain plugins that make living easier.

Ad-Block Plus with Easylist & Viltteri + Element Hiding Helper
This here is a classic. It’s been around for ages. It basically operates on a filterlist (easylist and viltteri are such lists), that filter your web content so you don’t have to see all those pesky ads for shit you would never buy anyway. Easylist is one of the lists that are offered when you’ve installed ad-block, and it seems to work fairly well. For Finland, there is a list called viltteri (a mutation of the word filter), which can be found here. You can submit sites to be indexed by viltteri, or send in a false positive, which is always a good thing, and can’t be said for all lists. (*cough* the sensorship list…)

With Element Hiding Helper, henceforth EHH, you can block *any* item on a webpage. Sometimes these ad-toting motherfuckers become crafty, and put out ads that you can’t easily block using ad-block. With EHH, you can click Ctrl-K, and then select the element, be it a paragraph, a div, whatever, and block that. Some people have found ways around that, using completely dynamic element names, which are kind of hard to block, since they can’t even be wildcarded without fucking up the entire site layout.


This is good for people who have multiple computers that they use on a regular basis. I operate my desktop, my laptop and my work desktop. I want to have my bookmarks, for without them, life is moot. With Xmarks, you can synchronize your bookmarks, either using their server, or even your own server. They offer encryption for the entire transaction, so it should be fairly safe. You can also sync saved passwords, but since i really don’t practice such stuff, i have left that untouched. Synchronization options are: keep local, discard server, keep server discard local and some third option. You can set it to sync manually, or every time you close the browser. Works magic for my needs. Even keeps the layout.


Allows you to create a multirow bookmark toolbar, to accomodate a large amount of links. If you’re like me, you don’t like the bookmarks menu, and you want your regulars in the toolbar, which isn’t big enough by default. Before this came out, you had to do a manual edit of some configuration files to achieve it.


Reliby allows you to place a button in the toolbar, that when clicked, reloads all your RSS feeds. You don’t have to click each one, and select reload anymore! Great if you keep the browser open for long periods of time, like i do, and follow a lot of feeds.


A savior. You can block javascript and other scripting languages so they don’t execute funny stuff on your machine. Hinders a lot of web based exploits.


Allows you to add custom CSS styles for specific webpages, and provides a cool framework for managing these. There are tons of cool styles out there, and for sites like.. Say muropaketti that i follow, it’s a real saver. The default forum layout looks like ass, so with a stylish style, i can just transform it in to something much more usable. This is the style i use for muropaketti, thanks to Lifeless.

Any other good suggestions are welcome!

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