30 Jun

Intel 915 chipset and Windows 7

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Lo! The latest incarnation of Windows Vista, also called Windows 7 has/had problems with certain integrated graphics chipsets, particularly lower end Intel chipsets, such as the 915 that i have in my Thinkpad X41. This was a shame, because it would only run 1280×1024, and had no chance of running anything fancy, since it was being detected as “Standard VGA Adapter”.

There were no drivers either from Intel or Microsoft for the longest time. But Microsoft released a driver that claims to work with the Intel chipset i had. It just popped up on Microsoft Update, so i thought i’d give it a whirl. Usually the drivers microsoft releases are not perhaps the most optimized, but they mostly work.

This one did not.

The driver installed, and the hardware showed correctly in Device Manager. It wanted to reboot, so i did. And after that it was back to the status quo. No driver installed, and then it started “looping”, just trying to install the driver, failing in it. I was miffed, and went back to the standard VGA driver.

But then i came to work, and i had to hook up my Dell E228WFP 22″ monitor, and since i couldn’t get the native resolution on the standard vga adapter, i was starting to get really pissed off. So i googled for a while, and came up with this thread, which apparently talks about the new driver that does not work..

So a guy offers some advice. Simple advice at that. Download the latest XP driver, and install it using Windows Vista compatibility mode. Driver and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator ..configuration software…whatever works fine! Resolution and all. Apparently this works for all kinds of 8xx and 9xx chipsets, so try it out.

For reference, i’m using the public Release Candidate, latest updates, build 7100.



3 thoughts on “Intel 915 chipset and Windows 7

    1. Unfortunately no. The main benefit is getting the Intel control panel installed, and the ugly exclamation mark removed from device manager..

      You can select an aero theme, but none of the aero effects are usable (such as aero peek, transparency, flip, whatever).

      If i run the Windows Experience index thing, i get the score 1.0 for the graphics card, and the notice that it doesn’t support aero effects. There might be some way around this, and i’ll keep looking into this later.

  1. You beauty. Been struggling for hours/days to find a graphics driver for my x41 to work with Windows 7. I get the aero experience rating to jump from 1 to 1.9 with this method, though the 3D/gaming rating stays – as expected – at 1. Much appreciated.

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