14 Aug

Ubuntu 9.04 & CPyrit-Stream now working!

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I’ve finally gotten the Pyrit program running and utilizing ATI Stream! I followed these instructions to the letter, though i built RPM from source with the patch for LZMA compressed RPM’s, which did the trick (although, i’ve also read the 1.4.0 beta 2 package of the Ati Stream SDK doens’t have this problem, but anyhow). I think i also had to apt-get some libraries that were missing, but they were listed pretty well in the instructions.

As for building pyrit, i used the instructions in the wiki, that can be found here. I ran in to an error while building the pyrit source, but that was fixed by doing an edit in a file according to these instructions. Fixes for other common errors are in the installation wiki.

So for the order: Install Atistream and Atical according to the instructions in the KB. Apt-get any packages you are missing. Build and install Pyrit, then CPyrit-Stream.

Run the command pyrit list_cores, which should show something like the screenshot below, and then run pyrit benchmark to see what kind of numbers you’re getting on your hardware. I am amazed. Compare the over 8000 PMKs/s (pairwise master keys), with the ~700 of one Phenom II X4 940 cores. Look at those results (yes yes, synthetic benchmark..):

List cores and Benchmark on my Radeon 4850 (and Phenom 2 940)
List cores and Benchmark on my Radeon 4850 (and Phenom 2 940)

You’ll note that it only shows three of the four cores on my Phenom, this is a feature. For every GPU core that it handles, it saves one CPU core for scheduling tasks.

A man can always dream… That there is about 3000 euros worth of hardware¬† (four Nvidia GTX295’s, a motherboard to support 4 Pci-e cards, processor, memory.. i guestimated). 80 000 PMKs / s (or half of that, depending on how you read the benchmarks). It seems to see the cards as two cores each.

Edit for 15.8.09 – I’m working on a proper howto for this thing since the internets seem not to have a coherent guide for a current ubuntu version. The 8.04 guide is great, don’t get me wrong, but i think it could be more complete. I’ve also e-mailed AMD to ask about providing .deb packages on my / their site, and or publishing the new howto.

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