13 May

The blog of a given hacker

Category:Site news

Hi, and welcome.

I registered this page yesterday, from EWH Solutions, who had an awesome offer. Fifteen minutes later, the site redirects to another page, webhotelli.fi, which apparently merged with EWH. They apparently eliminated the old offers (though, anyone using an old EWH product can keep their shit!). Had i been Fifteen minutes too late, i wouldn’t have gotten this great deal! So thanks EWH 🙂

So, this is kind of a fork from my original blog. This blog, on my very own domain, will be concentrating on the very essence of grelbar; hacking. I’ll discuss mostly technical matters, while my old blog will discuss matters of my life, politics and general ranting.

Here, i’ll detail some of the projects that i am working on, as well as post interesting hacks that i’ve tried out. There will also be pictures of my lab and hardare. Nothing interesting to you perhaps, but i like it.

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