14 May

The Continuity Factor


My main machine, Continuity is being upgraded quite heavily. I’ve purchased three new parts for it:

This will make it in to a pretty sweet fucking rig. The only problem now is the graphics, which is currently handled by a PNY Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB, which isn’t the latest spec., but will handle itself quite nicely. Maybe before assembly (or *at*) i will get a new card, perhaps something int he new 200 series of Geforce.

I tend to want to support Nvidia, because they have far better drivers in gnu/linux, than for instance AMD (who bought ATI a while back, as you might recall). Radeon’s usually offer better bang for the buck (and my motherboard offers Crossfire, instead of Nvidia’s SLI so..), but since the support is so lowsy, Nvidia gets my money.

The operating systems currently installed are Windows 7 RC x64, and Ubuntu 9.04.

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