19 Aug

Ass my embler, i’ll be damned!


Okay, i’m a man, so it’s time to man up, and admit that my college professor might have had a point after all. I thought this cooky old unix guru was out of his mind when he whipped out x86 assembly for us, but fuck. I’ll have to admit that  you can do something with assembly worth while. Something that’s actually really fucking fast, and cool.

MenuetOS. It’s a small operating system, that is made from scratch, with assembly. Yeah, that shit! It comes with a gui, and it fits on a fucking floppy disk. Yeah, the 1.44 MB kind. I put it on a usb stick, and booted it successfully on my Thinkpad X41, however, the 64 bit flavor would not boot on my Phenom machine. I’m not man enough to debug it. It came to the GUI, but then ground to a halt, and just froze the system, so i had to do a reboot.

It works really fast on my thinkpad, and it has all kinds of demos, games, editors, terminals, network clients and servers. Hell you could set up a web server within a second or two. It was that fast. I didn’t try the web, since it obviously didn’t have any WLAN drivers (and i didn’t have an ethernet cord standing by). But it bloody well worked. Damned.

Good job. I’m not sure if one of the makers is Finnish, but i’m pretty sure: his name is Ville Turjanmaa. Give it a try, and help out if you are man enough to chop off your own penis.. i mean.. grok assembly.

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