25 Aug

Stupid Outlook 2007 autoproofing, and Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0


So i’d like to divert your attention to two things that bugged me this tuesday morning:

1) Outlook 2007 autoproofing. I had a client come in with an Outlook 2007, that automatically made headings out of the first words in a mail. So if you wrote “Hi”, on the first line, followed by a line change, it’d make it heading 1. Annoying as hell, since you probably don’t want the Hi to be size 9000 and bold and blue? So how do you turn this off. I had to google it, and turns out it was a helluva path. So, you go to Tools, Options, Mail Format, then Editor Options, Proofing, then Auto Correct Options, and then AutoCorrect as you type. From there, uncheck the shit you don’t want Microsoft to do for you…. Grr!!!! I actually gave a post-it note to the client with the path there.

2) Nokia Ovi Maps doesn’t detect your phone. So Nokia Maps is now Nokia Ovi maps, since everything Nokia is now Ovi (means door in Finnish). You plug in your phone, make sure you have PC Suite support installed (From PC-suite, go to help, then Install PC-suite support on phone or something). Download Nokia Map Updater from their site (version is something like 3.0 at the time of this writing), and then, you install that and like start it.

It should then detect your phone. PC-suite detected my phone. My phone detected the PC. I could even like..view the messages on my phone in PC-suite. But according to Nokia Maps Updater, no compatible phone was connected. It’d just say “searching for connected phone(s)”, and nothing. It did say “This might take minutes”, but to be fair, i gave it several, to no avail.

So how to get it to see the phone? Well: Switch it off. Then while the phone is off, plug in the usb-cord, then power up your phone. When it has booted, it’ll ask for the “How do you want to connect”, and offer options like PC-suite, Mass-memory and so on. Select PC-suite, then start Nokia Map Updater, and presto. Phone is detected right away without any searching.

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