26 Aug

One blog


So now there is only one. Blog, that is. The hosting on that other site ends in two weeks, and we decided not to renew, since most of us got static ip’s now (through our workplace, and a special offer by Nebula (nebula rocks)). So now there’ll only be this one blog, here at comfy www.grelbar.net.

I still feel a slight tingle with my own domain here 🙂 It’s probably because way back in the day, even before the dotcom boom, your own domain was kind of a high mark, an achievement of sorts. Something that you as a kid couldn’t afford, or even maybe knew how to get. This was like.. the time period between 95 and 99 or something. Geocities was still hot. *shrug* Enough nostalgia.

So, i’ll be writing mostly tech stuff here, but some political stuff and other rants about the decaying state of freedom of speech here in Finland, the stupidities of the legal system (“murder pays off, copyright crime does not” comes to mind..), and general things on my mind. It won’t be terribly personal, like perhaps two years ago, but yeah.

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