29 Sep

Windows vs. Vista,AMD is being nonresponsive, Social Engineering


Odd problems. I have two desktops at work. Both with a 946GZ intel chipset/graphics whatever. Under Windows 7, i get extended dualscreen, under Vista, i get only Cloned mode. No changes in bios. What the hell is up with that? Seriously. It’s pissing me off.

Ok so some of you might remember i contacted AMD a while back to ask about stuff pertaining to Ubuntu and ATI Stream, and whether i could post stuff about it, and perhaps even ready .deb packages to help the community out, since ATI officially doesn’t make or support anything for Ubuntu. No reply from those guys… and that was like.. two months ago.

Ok, i’m also gonna write an article about information gathering on the internet. I recently did some “Sherlocking” of my own, and hunted down a webpage that B had started writing, with very little to go on. The process was rather interesting, and i was in fact impressed at how quickly i was able to track him down without any help! I’m also going to talk a little bit about Maltego, a commercial tool for doing information gathering.

Information gathering can be useful in many circumstances, like say, employers looking for prospective employees, or say a hacker doing some social engineering, or just a pen-tester looking for a way in to the target company.

Social engineering and information gathering has always been near to my heart, simply because in everything there’s always the human element that can make or break any secure system. If you can smile nicely to the secretary, or talk your way through a company reception desk, you can get the keys to the world. A well placed word or gesture can get you much further, much faster, than a keystroke.

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