29 Sep

Tiny Leaks


I found a tiny tiny memory leak in the popular instant messaging client “Pidgin” today. I was noticing a bit slower than usual system performance, and i checked my RAM usage. I have 4 gigs, so that’s rarely an issue, but it was showing well over 2 gigs in use in normal deskopt usage. Something was up. Something nefarious and evil. I pulled up task manager with my leet tech support shortcut of ctrl-shift-esc, and saw, to my utter amazement, that the otherwise quiet and peaceful Pidgin, was now eating nearly 1.9 GB of memory all on it’s own. And i wasn’t even using it. It was just.. well, on. And yes, I just noticed there’s a new 2.6.2 version out, this was 2.6.1, so i might just be using obsolete shitware.

Tried to open it up, non-responsive. So, i did what any humane computer user would do, and i killed it off. Wham. Memory usage down to 20%.

Because it was so funny, i took a screenshot so i can remember this day far in the future, from my flying car.

Memoryleak in Pidgin 2.6.1
Memoryleak in Pidgin 2.6.1

2 thoughts on “Tiny Leaks

    1. Yeah well, only seen it once so far, and i have no debug tools that work in such a situation in Windows. The program was completely unresponsive, so it’s own debug was also useless.

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