27 Oct

The Shit People Pull


So the wife was in a car accident yesterday. No, nothing serious. Some ass in a rental drove in to her while she was giving way to a bus (as is the law). The guy, incidentally a Swedish speaking Finn (more on this later), started screaming bloody murder immediately. He first told my wife, who was in the car with her sister, and her boyfriend, that he would be calling his father, who’s friend, apparently, is a police officer. My wife asked whether the police officer would be coming as well, to which he replied, no. My wife then called the police.

While waiting, the boy’s parrents showed up, and started screaming bloody murder, and even flat out threatening my wife. The mother told my wife that she, and her boy would be getting a criminal record for this, if she didn’t admit to her guilt. My wife told her that she isn’t admitting to anything she didn’t do, and especially for someone elses benefit. She kept screaming and trying to force her to admit that it was her fault.

Among the accusations presented were:

– She was reversing (down-hill?)
– She was letting the car slide downhill instead of breaking (also not true, three witnesses can attest to this)

The funny part is, my wife’s sister and her boyfriend saw the boy talking on the phone while the accident happened. He has probably wiped his logs by now, and claimed that he was simply “holding” the phone, not using it.

The other funny part is, for some generalized reason, the group of people i loathe to be a part of, swedish speaking finns, are just typically like this. Accident happens, call your mom and dad, who of course are convinced of their golden boy’s innocence.

So the police came, took some pictures, and statements, and told everyone to wait for an investigation. Our car is unscathed, where as the rental got a nice big hole in the front from our tail-hook, which went right through the plastic. I don’t think we can lose this case, because we have more witnesses, and the boy and his family were acting very rudely, making threats and all.

They’re going down.

Here’s a picture that describes how the case will go, if it goes to court:


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