29 Oct

Modem maintenance

So, i have been having some trouble with my Nebula line. About a month ago, something odd happened, and my line dropped, only to reconnect at about half the speed that it used to be. I called them, they fix something and the speed improves marginally, but i have had no explanation as to why this happened. If i change nothing, how can the speed drop?

According to their technicians, the line should handshake at 18/2.5 mbit/s, but i’m getting about 10/2 mbit/s. So anyway, i said, okay, the upstream improved to about what they said it should be, and the downstream isn’t that important to me anyway. That ticket was closed.. only to be re-opened a few weeks later, when i started having unexpected packet loss. It’s a copper connection so there’s really no reason to have packet loss, especially in this day and age. Not unheard of though, with bad lines etc, so i called Nebula again.

They’ve made a number of suggestions, such as “faulty wiring” (changed), “faulty modem” (also changed, more on this later), to “a bad copper pair to my apartment from the building phone board”.

So far i’ve ruled out cables. Nothing has changed there, but none the less, i swithced all cables that i could. No change. I changed the modem now, from a 2 year-old Linksys WAG200G, to a Telewell TW-EA501 (provided by B, thanks). So the Telehell connects at about 9/2mbit so the speed is worse still. I’ve now had it in for about a day, and i’m gonna keep testing it, to see if the problem returns.

If it does, then it’s something with the damn line, and they are going to have to do something about it. The speed.. well, i know the modem affects the speed a bit, but how can i get such varying results? All modems have had their firmware updated, and i have no long extension cords for the phone line, nothing like that. If the copper pair is crap, then i guess i’m fucked (and have to wait for the “mandatory” fiber connection no later than 2015).

This has caused unnecessary downtime for my server, Agamemnon. The gods don’t look favorably on this.

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