2 Nov

Modem Maintenance Vol 2.


So, the story continues.

I’m seriously beginning to suspect the damn Linksys. It’s gotta be the Linksys.

B kindly provided me with a Zyxel 660HW, and a Telehell 501, out of which the Telewell works fine. Zyxel seems fucked somehow. Telewell handshakes at about 10/2, which is roughly the same as before (with the linksys) though a little below. No weird packet loss, and no weird disconnects so far. I’m still holding my vote on this one, but it’s looking better.

As for the speed, they just said it might be a bad pair going to my appartment, or that my neighbor got DSL and the pair traveling next to mine up the building, is giving it like.. interference or something. The DSLAM would connect at 18/2.5 if only my end co-operated. Not much they can do about the shitty old copper in my house… Damn it. I guess i’ll just have to wait for the mandatory fiber connection, due no later than 2015 😀

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