16 May

Sneaky fuckers evade ad-blocking


The guys at http://www.datacenterknowledge.com , an otherwise great site for news on servers and datacenters, has invented some sneaky-ass way to prevent users from using adblockers. I had the adblock plugin on in Firefox, as i always do (the web is a fucking cesspool of spam), and i was reading the news on that site, when i noticed the layout was completely fucked.

I reloaded the page, and the same repeated, so it wasn’t a case of some elements not loading properly. I turned off adblock for that site, reloaded, and presto: the site looked as it usually does, but with ads. So i figured i’d block the ads only, and keep the site unfiltered in a general sense. Doesn’t work. The ads are dynamically generated, and the elements are never called the same, even if it’s the same exact ad-banner.

So i have to give up at the moment. I can’t block those ads.

There has been a lot of discussion on the consumers right to block a sites ads. Site owners claim adblockers are stealing their revenue possibilities. How can this be? People download adblockers for a reason…

A recent survey also finds that up to 20% of all internet users have purchased products advertised in spam-emails. That’s a crazy figure! Seems that spammers are the richest fuckers of the entire .com wastelands!

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