18 May

Plantronics 925 Bluetooth handsfree

Category:Hardware, Howto's

At work today, i was tasked connecting a US bought (AT&T i was told) Plantronics 925 bluetooth headset, with a Finnish bought Nokia E71. This is an easy howto, to start with, so don’t expect magic. To connect the two in a bluetooth pair, you need to power on the Plantronics headset. This happens by pressing the multifunction button, that has the plantronic logo on it. You need to press it, and hold it for a good 5+ seconds. First, it turns on, displaying a blue light. Keep holding the button, until the device starts blinking in an alternating red and blue. This is the bluetooth-pairing mode, and the only state where you can even find the device.

This is only necessary for the initial pairing of device and headset. After this, it’s enough to just turn it on, by pressing and holding until the first blue light.

Your phone will ask for a pin-code, which in plantronic devices appears to be 0000 by default. Not sure you can change it, as the headset lacks any sophisticated controls, or screen. Once you have entered the four-zero pin-code, the devices will be paired, and you will be asked to confirm whether it’s okay to automatically establish the connection in the future.

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