5 Jul

Lab .. and life-updates

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So as many of you have heard, my wife of 6 wonderful (no sarcasm here.) years has left me. She moved out yesterday, and left me here in this god damn 4 room apartment alone. This means, it’s time to look for a new place to live (still in progress), and do some redecorating. The lab will undergo extensive rework, and i’ll try to pull a “Didak” and document the process here. My old corner-desk is going to B, and i’ve already bought a 160cm x 80 cm desk for my lab. I’m also replacing my 2×22″ screens with one FullHD 24″ screen (one to start off, more later), and possibly an Ergotron LX arm for the screen. Those are really hard (or slow) to come by here in Finland, so we’ll have to see about that.

So what i’ve bought so far is the Galant desk (man i feel like watching Fight Club again…), with T-shaped legs from IKEA – 169€, and a BenQ G2420HDBL screen from Jimm’s PC-Store – 188€.

Pics will come later today as i get some help to move stuff around. I hope i can get cables done in a smooth operating fashion. No more tangles on the floor, thanks.

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