19 May

New Additions to La Familia


Oh and what a great day it is. Why, you may ask? Well the reason is rather simple. I’ve got new hardware.

Let me lay it down in terms that are easy to comprehend. Three new machines, all of them in working condition, some perhaps in need of cleaning or minor overhauls, but three solid machines none the less. I’ll post pictures tomorrow or something. It’s getting rather late, and i don’t wanna crack out the camera anymore.

The machines will be named according to Babylon 5 space-ship names. No, i don’t have a series going, i just pick whatever sounds cool. I have one other space-ship named computer from before, my Sun Netra T1, called Sulaco, after the ship in Aliens. The new computers, in order of greatness are: Agamemnon, Agrippa, and Damocles. Let’s break those down in to main specs:

Agamemnon: This is a very nice piece of work. An HP Proliant ML350, that hosts two 3.0 Ghz Xeon procecssors, and 4 gigs of DDR. It all sits in a sleek dark grey case, that really looks like a server. It has two redundant power supplies, and a four disk RAID array.

Agrippa: A custom built “server”. Actually it’s just an old workstation. A 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4, with 2GB or RAM, sitting in a nice Antec Full Tower. It has five disks. Nothing fancy, but it has a nice case!

Damocles: This is an interesting little thing. It’s a Sun Blade 100. Despite the name, it’s not a Blade-server (i wish it were, trust me!), but a Sun workstation, that has a 64-bit Sun UltraSPARC IIi, running at 500Mhz. In a previous life, it used to run backups or something. It looks pretty cool, and i think i’ll put something like OpenSolaris (if it fits) on the machine, or.. just try something neat.

So that concludes today’s hardware roundup. Tomorrow: pictures of these puppies, and maybe i’ll have made up some kind of uses for these. I’m pretty certain Agamemnon will replace Dorsia as the main server on the network for a few reasons. It’s more modern, eats less power, and it’s quite a bit more silent than the 6 disk Dell Poweredge, which can be a noisy bitch. Agrippa will probably be converted in to a test workstation for the network, with a nice amount of memory and HD. Damocles on the other hand will become some secondary side-project, that will take place at a later date.

From the left: Damocles, Agamemnon and Agrippa
From the left: Damocles, Agamemnon and Agrippa

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