20 May

More assorted ramblings for week 21/2011


So this past week has kind of sucked ass in multiple ways, most of which i will describe as this post grows longer.

This week was spent learning about Horde 4, which was kind of a good start. But i dunno the rest of the week has been so-so. Yesterday i was going to attend a meeting that was supposed to start at 14:00, according to the mail the meeting organizer sent out the day before. So, a colleague drives me downtown, and since we were in a bit of a rush, we took the subway to the end destination. The problem? I had no more time on my “metrocard” which i thought i did.  I figured, two stations, i can’t be so unlucky as to be ticket-inspected.

Oh how wrong i was.

When i get to the station, and get off, i see the row of inspectors checking everyone getting off the subway, making sure they all have valid tickets. Most of them did. I did not. My own fault. Using my quick intellect (sarcasm here), i order a mobile ticket and walk up to the inspectors. My ploy failed, as the ticket has a timestamp, and the rule is that you need to have a valid ticket when you enter your departing station. So i was fined 80 bucks. This is the first time i’ve messed up, and the first time i’ve been fined. And i’ve been using public transport since i was seven!

Slightly miffed, i walk, fine in hand to the office where the meeting was supposed to take place. And then they tell us we are half an hour early. And we are like “Bitch, the mail you sent out says 14:00, not 14:30”. And inside, i’m hurting, because i figure, if i came half an hour later, i would not have been fined.

Aaaand to top things off, the meeting was a total commercial bust, with scarcely anything worth my time. So a total fucking waste of time and money.

Today was time for the annual inspection of my car, which is mandatory in Finland. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to pass, since it already has about 160 000 km on the meter, and it has had it’s share of problems. And oh how right i was. Turns out i have to fix three different items, then have it re-inspected within a month. And all this will cost me about 300 euro in all. Wonderful.

I just also paid the 1000 euro security deposit on the new apartment, so i’m not exactly swimming in cash. This sucks.

On the other hand, this time next week i should be typing away at the new apartment, all nice and clean and with fast connectivity. Bliss.

Oh also, my MRI results came back “negative”. No, to everyone’s shock, turns out i do have a brain! But nothing of concern. Two minor structural “differences” from the perfect theoretical brain, but nothing that merits any action, further inspection or concern. So i’m fine. Which is kind of a relief for me. I was kind of concerned, but then i’m a hypochondric of some degree.

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