21 Jun

Societal Rage


So i was heading up the escalator at Pasila train station here in Helsinki.. The custom here, is that if you don’t want to walk up the escalators, you stand on the right and ride it up. If you are in a rush, you take the left “lane”. Simple things, nobody gets hurt.

Enter fat fucker. A woman walks up next to me on the left side, taking a few steps and then stops, blocking the left lane. So people, supposedly in a hurry, walk up to her, and ask (and i’m not shitting you) politely ¬†if she could let them pass. Her reply? “No. And you’re not allowed to pass people on the left!”. I start giggling like an idiot, and she starts giving me the evil-eye, which i promptly ignore and continued laughing. People pass her anyway, which was a feat on its own, because she was a fat bastard. I bet she does this every morning, and gives everyone the same old reply, just to.. i don’t know? Make someone elses day just a little bit more difficult? Channel your own rage about being fat on other people? Maybe a little of both. I just find it hard to believe why someone would intentionally just try to piss people off. Makes no sense and just causes a stir.

Had someone been extra stressed out that morning, that fattie might have accidentally tripped and fallen down 10 meters of escalator. And i will add a picture here of my probable emotional reaction to that hypothetical scenario:

Sufficed to say, if you act like a prick, you deserve what’s coming next. I’m not encouraging violent acts, by any means, but i’m also not saying i might not enjoy them. Convoluted enough? Good.


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