27 Jun

Passion for hardware


No, not this kind of passion you perverted fucks:

I’m talking about the thing that drives us to do this work. As a sysadmin, we’re mostly invisible, and then extremely visible when things go wrong. It’s a thankless job, but someone has to do it. So I’ve been thinking about what drives me to do it.

It’s the passion.

Ever since I was young, I mean.. 5-years-young, I’ve been taking things apart and learning about how they work.  It’s been a rocky road of trial and error, but somehow, even from an early age, I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. And I’m doing it right now. What drove me to learn new things (and fix many old things), is still the driving force. The thing that gets me out of bed every morning to face new challenges at the office. Sure, the level has changed. The stakes are higher. Back in the day I might mess up and break a 1000 euro computer. Now it’s a 40 000 euro computer, or a 100 000 euro piece of SAN equipment. But it’s still just the same. The toys have just gotten a lot bigger.

Today at work, I took delivery of a new Sun (frack it, Oracle) blade server which I then assembled, updated and set up. After that, I did the same to a brand new IBM xSeries server. And I’m happy as a clam. Most people don’t understand this. They think it’d get boring after a while. And it might. But it is not this day (had to slip that Aragorn quote in there, sorry). As long as I have a yearning to learn more, and a passion for the hardware and the things I work with, my job will never be dull. And most of all, it helps you go through those shitty days when the fecal-matter has  hit that spinning thing.

Ok, so this was a really short post, and mostly just an excuse to post that picture. But it was something I devoted some thought to today, and this is why I had to type it up somewhere.


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