3 Jul

Weekend Activities


This week i have been mostly reading…NOTHING

Poor reference to some British comedy of the not-so-recent past. Anyway, what i want to say is I am currently re-reading the sequel (Broken Angels) to the excellent book by Richard Morgan, “Altered Carbon”. If you like high-flying Sci-Fi, you’ll like Richard Morgan’s books. The paperbacks cost next to nothing on for instance play.com, so order up. Meanwhile, back at the point, i’m looking for something to read. The last “new” book i read was “Burning Chrome”, by William Gibson, which was brilliant. The one before that was Zero Day, by Mark Russinovich which was a load of bollocks. The one before that was Kingpin by Kevin Poulsen, which was again a winner.

Any recommendations are welcome. And nothing that will bore me or insult me.

This weekend I’ve spent with my son. Later today, H will come back from a road trip to the untamed wilds of north-eastern Finland. Or somewhere. Before that i intend to clean the place, and do some re-wiring because the current wiring looks like un-diluted ass. A great inspiration to this was that Stefan Didak, workstation-GOD, has been posting a few things about his… 7th iteration of his famous home office. Check out his new posts here. If i had a billion googolplex of money, i’d do the same thing, but i’m stuck with my same old, same old. My next buy’s will probably be an SSD drive for the operating system, as I’ve grown very fond of the Thinkpad T410s i have at work. Boot times are fast, well, it’s a Thinkpad on top of that. Godlike. I willingly gave up my 17″ pimped out Macbook Pro to get that Thinkpad. Many will say i am crazy, but I’ve found I’m much more a Thinkpad-guy than an Apple-guy. Other areas are really not an issue at the moment. RAM is enough at 4GB, and the graphics card, though old, (a Radeon 4850), is more than enough for the games i play. The past year i’ve played mostly Bad Company 2, and Civilization 5. Both of which run brilliantly on this card. Sure it’s not 9001 FPS, but enough for me. CPU is quad-core and more than enough also. I would like a second screen, and that Ergotron arm that i originally set my sights on from a Stefan Didak post on his v. 6.0 home office.

I could also pick up on a new TV show. True Blood has continued, but no in Finland of course, so officially one cannot get any episodes yet. Same with Game of Thrones which was recently recommended to me by some younger geeks.

That was an adventure all on it’s own, let me tell you. I was at this birthday party of a friend of H’s. People.. 5-7 years younger than me, and apologizing in advance for being so geeky. I laughed and said i bet i’m more geeky than any of them. But i found that the term geek has now changed. I fiddled around with computers before these people were born! And they are seriously trying to over-geek me. But the thing is, geekdom is different. I was considered odd for not watching Anime. Or not having seen Game of Thrones (no time to watch that…yet), and so on. I did know nyan cat, but that’s just because i hang around 4chan way too much. But basically i got comments like “How can you call yourself a geek!”. I was stumped. I can install Gentoo! I can compile a kernel, while remotely installing a Solaris 10 server on the other side of the world. But.. i guess being a geek isn’t just what it used to be. I really didn’t fit into that crowd.  “Have you watched Naruto?” -“Uh..what’s a Naruto?”. And then I’m faced with some apparently funny “music video” from some anime called Naruto. And inside, i was crying.


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