22 Jul

Random Friday Ubuntu Tip


I was trying to customize Ubuntu just a bit, in regards to the “special folders”, that is, ~/Public, ~/Videos etc. These are special, in that they are recreated and/or renamed every time you log in, back to their defaults. Where are these defaults you ask? So did i, and the answer is pretty simple, and easy to fix.

The main reason, not that anyone gives two shits, is that i wanted the directories to be lowercase only, because i hate hitting shift all the time to refer to the directories. Also, i don’t like directories that i can’t rename, remove or do whatever i like to. Kills the linux ethos in my humble opinion. Anyways, to the fix:

To rename the folders:

Edit a file in your home directory called .config/user-dirs.dirs. Syntax should be obvious.

To remove one or more folders and stop them from being recreated:

Edit a file called /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf. Change the enabled=True, to enabled=False

Any renames or removes of the directories will keep after this.

Note that you have to atleast log out and then back in for the settings to be applied.

Thanks for this tip goes to http://superuser.com


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