27 Jul

Vacation-man posts again


So i’m on week two of my four-week summer vacation. Still reading Broken Angels. I’m at the part with the scary nano tech. Thing.

I tried kernel 3.0 from the kernel ppa for ubuntu, but that didn’t work out too well. I guess fglrx is to blame, because i received errors about it during kernel installation. It booted fine, but graphics were.. well there were no graphics. I decided to wait for a while with 3.0. I’ve been practicing a bit of perl during my off hours; just basic scripts and stuff. It’s funny that i actually started out with perl during elementary school. We had this computer club that was i think once a week, and we had a guy from TKK come and teach us. He taught us perl at the tender age of.. what eight? Anyway. I remember it fairly well and it’s fun to do perl again. Back then it was simple stuff, but a good foundation, now that i look back at it.

Google+ is.. well it’s there. It’s not like i’m using it or anything. It’s just there. Many of my friends have moved a lot of their stuff (or so i surmise) to Google+ but for me it’s just another platform to voice thoughts and place comments. I do like the integration of media, and how easy it is to upload photos or other stuff. I haven’t tried the Hangout-thing yet, i don’t have a webcam, except in my work-Thinkpad. I spend maybe 30 minutes a week on Google+ i’d say. I’m not sure i’ll stay.

It’s still unbearably hot in here. It’s Finland for fucks sake. I didn’t sign up for this. All my hardware has been running admirably, though, which is a bonus. I haven’t spent as much time at the summerhouse as i’d like to, but that’s due to other circumstances that i will not go into here. There’s still a lot to do there, and i hope i can go next week.

Been playing a lot of (for me anyway) Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I have clocked a total of.. 88.5 hours of BC2. And it’s still one of the best multiplayer FPS’s if you ask me!

My little mini-garden on the balcony is bearing “fruit”. I’ve got a bunch of salad, and the basil is coming along nicely. As it is still very hot and nice, i’m considering other stuff as well. Here’s a pic!

Isn’t it fucking great?

I found out that the apartment does have a 10/10mbit connection that is part of the rent. Provided by Elisa. Latencies were fuck-all, so it’s probably very close to fiber. I do also have fiber up to the apartment, but no card with an SC connector to try it out with. Care to sponsor one for me? Heh, thought so. Not sure it’s even hooked up. It probably needs to be ordered separately. Anyway.

Have a nice day.

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