2 Oct

This week in news


A few bits and bobs for my odd readers. Not odd as in weird but.. ah, you get the point.

I’m growing increasingly pissed at tabloid “news”. I might go as far as calling their bullshit-spinning an art form. Over a million people read tabloid news every day. That’s over a fifth of the population. Now does that fall on the age old adage of keeping the stupid unwashed hordes pleased? Maybe. And sometimes looking outside, i’m inclined to believe just that. There’s even a thread on MuroBBS dealing with the stupidity that the tabloids churn out each day. I mean, most of this is either purposefully crafted lies, or sheer malice, because i can’t believe they are this stupid…

I ordered “Market Forces” by Richard Morgan, which was the only book of his i did not already own. It’s starting out pretty well, but of course i’ll read it through before passing final judgement. It’s this whole future (though this time near-future), corporations run shit deal. I picked up the book used, since i was feeling like getting a hardcover. This was shipped over from the UK, from the “East Riding of Yorkshire Library”, and used to actually be a library copy. It’s wrapped in tough plastic film, but you do see signs of wear and tear. Perfectly readable though, but the seller posted it as “very good condition”, which is a bit iffy. But for the 3.50 euro  (including postage) that i paid, i’m as happy as a pigeon with a french fry. Bought if off play.com, through their playtrade-thingy.

On the Android-side of life, i switched from GingerReal, to the Cyanogen Mod, while also upgrading to the 2.3.5 kernel. I’m running on the nightly version of the 7.0 for Samsung Galaxy S. It’s a version obviously built each night, but the codebase seems to be fairly stable, so so far i’ve had no large issues with it. Some things change wildly over night, such as the lockscreen, or the camera, but it’s mostly for the better. The customizability is unparalleled, and though the synthetic benchmark scores are lower (1600 vs. 2100 for GingerReal), but the system still seems responsive (enough), and above all else, more stable. GingerReal does have more tweaks for the kernel, the processor and the filesystem so that explains most of the weirdness, and the crazy-high performance.

At work, i’ve spent the last few weeks setting up a Sun M4000 box with Solaris 10 U10, and then installing some new UPS’s. The M4000 was otherwise rather uneventful, but a notable detail was that the XSCF console port still only handshakes with fucking 100mbit. Which means, that some of our more high-end Cisco-gear don’t really want to talk to it. Which means, just for this purpose, we have to hook it up to a switch that also talks 100mbit. I wonder how much more it could honestly cost, considering it’s a several-ten-thousand-euro machine. Twenty cents? Bring it Oracle, our budget can take it!

Did i mention the price of coffee is rising something crazy here in Finland? Well if not, then i’ll say it now. The price of coffee is rising something crazy here in Finland. Honestly. The brand of espresso i buy, from Paulig, has gone up nearly a euro. For a five euro bag to now cost six-ish euros, is pretty steep. For 250 grams of pre-ground coffee, that is. And since i have my DeLonghi espresso-machine, i can’t really not use it, being the caffeine-addict that i am. I still mostly drink instant coffee, which will probably be frowned upon by most people. But seriously, try it out. Forget the preconceptions. The coffee i drink mostly is Nescafés’ Classic (used to be Red Cup). The price of that has also gone up, but.. It’s kind of like gasoline. We said “we refuse to drive if gasoline costs over 1.50 euros” (which it now does), but yet, the traffic jams each morning are as bad as they ever were. I wonder if 2 euros will be the limit? Probably not. So keep on raising those prices Oil and Gasoline-guys, we can still take it further up the ass!

On the OpenBSD-front, i did some upgrading of my 4.9 box, to bring it up to -current. It was a fun and educational experience. Waiting for 5.0, even though it won’t be anything revolutionary, as the OpenBSD schedule advances .1 every 6 months. Round numbers mean nothing. Except maybe symbolically. I did not manage to get the kernel to build, and Google wasn’t being too helpful. I’ll have to look at that some other time.

My pet peeve privacy is probably going to take a big hit thanks to our glorious Minister of the Interior, Päivi Räsänen (of the beloved Christian Democratic party). She’s now come out and said that she would support releasing fingerprint data collected for new biometric passports since 2009 for use in criminal investigations of “serious crime”. Now take a seat and close your eyes. The other one too. And go way back to 2009. We were told that this new biometric data being added to the passports was due to international pressure, and would not be used for anything else except travel related identification. You can open your eyes now, and fast forward to 2011. What are they saying? They want to give the data to cops who are investigating “serious crimes”? Gee-whiz! I never saw this coming! Slide something in, convince people it’s not what they think, and then fuck them over once they’ve forgotten about what you said. Also, who the hell decides what a serious crime is? But yeah, i guess that was the previous administration who made all those promises, so in our grand democratic system, those things are all forgotten and buried. But rest assured, i have not forgotten. And lucky me! I’m up for a passport renewal (since they cut the maximum validity of a passport from 10 to 5 years…), so i’ll have to get a passport with the fingerprint if i want to go to the US next year for Hope number..9? Is it really number nine already? I guess.

Enough ranting for this post.

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