26 Nov

Here techy techy techy…


This week in tech:

Went to an Oracle event for Solaris 11. Tech content was good. Some of the highlights include improvements for Zones and ZFS, and best of all, an actual package manager that talks to actual repositories and packages that can be upgraded with one command, while keeping dependencies in check. This alone is worth the upgrade for all Solaris toting maniacs. There’s also an option to install a very bare bones system, that you can then build up using the package manager. The image was like 300 megs (compared to the full install of 8GB for Solaris 10). Patching has also gotten revamped, and now can contain metadata that creates a cloned environment as a part of the upgrade. Or at least suggests the creation of one. This way you can test how the patch behaves in a cloned environment, and if things go pear-shaped, go back to your original system.You can also create a local mirror for packages if you don’t want to use the Sun.. Oracle provided ones, or if you are on some limited bandwidth (which shouldn’t be an issue in most countries that want to use Solaris for something). While it’s fringe, it still has it’s uses, and does some things pretty well.

They are also toting this as the “First Cloud OS”. I have no idea what they mean with this, honestly. Sure, it can serve as a host OS in a cloud based service, but uh.. First?

I’m still running Arch, with a 3.1.2 kernel. I’ve also done some testing on the 3.2 branch (up to RC3 as of this post). Linus has taken to announcing new kernel builds on Google+ which is cool. These threads also get loads of (mostly useless or off-topic stuff from ignorant techno-dweebs and Linus fanboys) comments. I’ve reported a few bugs so far; among them a few kernel panics (while returning from suspend), and the lack (apparently) of an iwlwifi kernel module, for Intel wifi-cards, which is need for my Thinkpad T410s. Also there was some crash when plugging in a powercord, but that might be related to entirely different stuff like pm-utils or some powersave feature gone awry.  The reason i wanted to try the 3.2 builds is that on at least the Thinkpad T410s, the VGA output on either the computer itself or the dock does – not – work. It gives you are wavering picture that will give you instant brain cancer and severe blindness if watched for very long. Now all this has something to do with the intel drivers, and a specific signal that is sent. This is fixed in the 3.2 rc2 and rc3 at least. Which is a great little bonus, especially if i want to hook up a projector (usually VGA) or something when you want to show some schematics to a client or your boss….

As i described in the previous post, i rooted and upgraded my Desire Z to Cyanogen Mod 7.1 (nightly 263). There hasn’t been a nightly since 263, but that’s apparently because there are too many damn devices, and simply the build time for each nightly takes over 24 hours in worst cases. Also i think Ice Cream Sandwich, which had it’s source code released recently (along with the previously unreleased Honeycomb source in there somewhere). So far, things have been running great. Only a few problems so far, the most serious being that the launcher disappeared once, and wouldn’t come back without a reboot. Phone worked fine otherwise.

What I’ve been watching:

We’ve been watching some select Anime series lately. Right now we’re watching a show called ‘Samurai Champloo’ which is a bit more on the light comedy side. It’s refreshing compared to the serious, violent anime we’ve previously watched.

Some movies also, but nothing worth mentioning. Well actually, there was a rather good crime-serialkiller thing starring Scott Speedman and Willem Dafoe. It was called Anamorph. Don’t buy it for 10 bucks, but consider it for 5-7 bucks.

What I’ve been listening to:

Podcasts mostly, Caffination, The Ardent Atheist, TechSnap and the Linux Outlaws to name a few.

The Ardent Atheist is a new one, to me, which had a really funny bit that was featured on the linux outlaws. Basically a short demo on how.. uh..well Siri works. Check that episode out here.


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