8 Dec

Dying old people and the irrelevance of TV-news


I was driving a few days ago when i started thinking about the following: When all of the old people have died out, say people born before.. the 70’s or 60’s, will we need TV-news anymore? Who under the age of 40 seriously spends time looking at actual television news? By the time they come out, they are mostly old news, with tired old big-media coverage of events. On the web, we get multiple angles, multiple viewpoints and minute-by-minute coverage. Why bother with TV-news?

Another thing that will be interesting to see is: will the next generation of pensioners be as grouchy as the current ones? So opposed to technology? I mean, pick a random old lady or geezer off the street, and look into their wallet. I’ll bet that they have more cash on them than you do. It’s because they don’t really use cards, and if they do, it’s to get money out of the ATM. It’s like they don’t trust cards at all. Just take a look at the store. The majority of old people will roll with cash only. Most old people are not on the internet. They do watch TV-news however. Perhaps, because TV is an older invention than the internet. By like. 60 years.

But what about the middle-aged and older people now who do use the internet and credit cards? Will they become increasingly scared of it later on in life? Will they become bitter peeping-toms who spend the entire day watching their neighbors take out their trash? Listening through the walls and marking down what TV-shows their neighbors watch? Or will they stay pretty much the same? I hope they stay the same, so we can finally move on as a society, and not be burdened by people who are unwilling (unable is simply not an argument anymore) to use technology?

How much do we as a society spend to accommodate for these people? Keeping legacy systems around and such?

TV-news are probably dead in the water, as are daily newspapers. They will be around for maybe 20 years, but i don’t see an everlasting future for them. People will keep on wanting to get their content current, even if they themselves are getting older. TV as such will remain, because people want to sit down and numb their brains every day for a few hours. They need that. Constant exposure to the harsh realities of the world we live in would drive most people insane.  I should know! (Ha haa, he hee)


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