23 Jan

The Last Few Weeks


So an update for the last few weeks. Lessee here:

We had a major storm before Christmas, which hit our country home pretty badly. We had 15 trees fall, most of them huge. They managed to mostly miss the different houses and buildings, but the cleanup is going to take months. It ripped up 100+ year trees with roots and all. Along with that, we had some collateral damage to the water-pipes that were underground (now not underground), and some TV-coax-antenna cables. I have some pics in my Google+ account. If you wanna check some of them out, check,  http://grelbar.net/damage/

My grandfather is in bad shape. He has been in the hospital for like two months. He’s 91. I think he’s getting close to the end here, but i don’t really like thinking about that. He is afraid at the hospital, because he is cut off from everything. He hasn’t lost his mental functions, but he’s on a lot of medication, so he gets confused. He doesn’t know what time it is, or what’s going on. It was kind of sad to visit him there. But he’s had a good life. He’s a veteran of the Winter and Continuation Wars (he doesn’t talk about his experiences, perhaps because he lost all his brothers to the wars). He was a pharmacist, as was his father. Born in Viborg, which is no longer a part of Finland (lost to Russia). Anyway. Good guy. Lots of respect.

Planning for Hope Number 9 has begun, and as it looks now: I am going. With H. So it’s New York come July! Again. I got a mail from the volunteer-organizers asking if i would be helping out this year again (as i did last time), and i think i will. Such a cool experience. I calculate that the trip will cost around 2500 euros. Which is not a little sum of money. It’s about what i make a month after taxes and stuff.

Work is still good, though a bit rough. I’m going to get VMware certified this month. Also some new interesting internal and external projects.

I’m also planning to get my ham radio license with B. It will happen this year. Planning to get some hand held Yaesu radio to start off with.

The distro i’m using as of today is Debian 6 with openbox (built from the ground up by me), and on my home machine, Crunchbang. Which is.. the same thing, only pre-configured. I went through trying Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu. I was on Arch for many months, also Archbang. It’s just not for me anymore, Ubuntu and it’s children that is. Arch is kick ass, nothing to complain, but it’s a bit more high maintenance (since it’s a rolling distro) than the .deb-based ones.

Let’s see what else. I’m reading REAMDE by Neal Stephenson. It’s going to take a few more months to get done, since it’s 1100 pages. Also, i bought my first E-book! The book is called: “SSH Mastery: OpenSSH, Putty, Tunnels and Keys”, and i bought it from a site called Smashwords. Based on the experience, i can recommend it to anyone interested in getting an e-book or two. They offer a variety of formats, the price is right, and the site is easy to use. They also support Paypal (who, despite their shitty behavior in regards to Wikileaks and others) is an easy way to handle online payments. Unfortunately. I wish they were worse. I wish they killed baby seals more often. The book cost 10 dollars. So less in euros. 130 pages of solid SSH knowledge. I’m gonna devour that fucker.

Oh, and the presidential elections. We, luckily, had a sane result for the first round. In Finland, the presidential elections work so that if no candidate gets over 50% of the votes (rare), there is a second round between the two candidates that gathered the most votes. This time around, we will have Sauli Niinist√∂, and Pekka Haavisto on the second round. Niinist√∂ is from the Coalition party, and Haavisto is from the Green (!) party. Neither one will piss me off too much. Pleased with the results, mainly because we ran the risk of getting a nationalist, Timo Soini, as a president. Luckily, the people who would have voted for him were either drunk, or temporarliy sane, and he only got 9.x % of the votes. He had wanted a two digit number, but he didn’t even get that. The people have spoken, now shut the fuck up.

A thing of note, to all the conservatives reading this blog: Haavisto, the Green candidate, is a vegan and openly homosexual (and in a registered partnership with a man). I love this country <—> this much more than yesterday. Thank you to everyone who showed that we are not all redneck yahoos with 20th century values. If a gay candidate can get nearly 20% of the vote, we still have some hope. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

One more thing! My good friend Macandron, is embarking on his round the world trip. Good luck to him, have fun, and learn a lot!

That’s all. For now.


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