4 Feb

Snazzy random


Another post of random thoughts and ramblings.

I’m on my winter vacation this week, which has been of.. varying quality. I’ve had days where i’ve been able to rest. And i’ve had days where i’ve been totally swamped, or unable to calm down. I’m a bit of an ADD case, really. I have trouble sitting down just doing nothing, even if that would be the best course of action for any given moment. I need to be doing something.

I sold some old stuff this week, just to clear the inventory a bit, and to make a few extra bucks. In fact, i’ve made about 70 this week selling old crap that i had no use for. I sold a WAP54G access point, an old Acer laptop which was lacking most parts, but worked pretty well considering. And I sold my broken 30GB iPod Video. Someone got a cheap 1.8″ drive out of that deal. I had no use for it, and it had been sitting in storage for at least a year, maybe more. I still have some stuff that i’m trying to unload, but i all in good time.

I have a Leatherman Surge. A nice big hunking block of metal which does most things that you would ever need to do in life. It, however, broke down a while back. Just a part of it actually. A spring that holds the screwdriver in place got.. lost. Somehow, somewhere, it sprung lose and now the tool won’t stay in place anymore. So, i found the original receipt, and found out the place that imports and services Leather..men.. in Finland is in Rovaniemi of all places. That’s around a thousand clicks north of Helsinki. I emailed them about my problem and they said “Sure, that’s covered by the 25 year warranty, send it in!”


So, i find a suitable box, wrap it in some bubble-wrap, and ship it over to Rovaniemi. I hope to get it back next week, better than ever. I love that tool.

I’m on page four hundred and something of REAMDE, and it still manages to be an interesting book. It has taken some weird turns from the somewhat curious  start. The premise is wild. Chinese gold miners for an online RPG turn rogue and screw with the wrong people. Reading about this plot made me order the book instantly out of sheer curiosity. I think i saw it on  Boing Boing or something.

While sorting through my old stuff, i found a box of old processors. Well not “old” old. But still. Pentium 1 and onwards. I’m putting them back in a box. Where are all my older bits and bobs? 486’s? 286’s? 8088’s? Lost! Lost i say.

A bobble-head Storm Trooper is looking at me. Bobbing away. Oblivious fucker.

I’m going to order some tickets to New York for July. Hope 9. It will cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, the Euro is getting stronger vs. the dollar, which makes the trip cheaper. I’m kind of scared to travel there again. Reading about the recent incident where someone was sent back from the states because he wrote some Tweets which were interpreted as threats. Just.. surreal? I guess. Anyway, i calculate the trip will cost me a cool 2500 euros at least. Not accounting for food, travel in NY and so on. Oh boy.

Next week i’m going to be at a Cisco course. Imagine that.

The weather today was the shittest it’s been in years. We had a huge dump of snow, combined with cold weather which played havoc with traffic. We had huge pile ups, traffic stuck up the wazoo. I picked up my son from daycare, which is a 10km trip, it took me well over an hour. And i tried to be clever, and took the long way around. So did a few thousand other people apparently.

The largest accident saw some 30-50 cars get wrecked. Some people even had to be cut out of their vehicles. Just insane. There’s a video of one of the crashes here. You can see people are driving way too fast, considering they can’t fucking see in front of them. Oh shit! 30 cars are wrecked and there’s no way around! Screeeech! *Bang*. One would think that since we’ve had winter in these parts for a few hundred thousand years at least, or like.. ever, we’d get the hang of it already. But no. We still manage to fuck it all up.

Trains are not running, buses are stuck and crashing into cars. Since, after all, we’re living in this cold and arid part of the world; surely we can’t buy trains that run during WINTER. And we have a state run railway, which means, we’re paying out of our asses for a service that isn’t even designed for this country. “Oh boy! We didn’t anticipate ice and snow…”. Great going. And who would we complain to? Our representatives at parliament? Oh that’s a good one. I mean, this is a problem that can be solved after we throw enough money at it. Design rails and junctions that work in cold weather. Heat them. Spray anti-freeze. Whatever. Get trains that have sturdier undercarriages and brake systems that don’t freeze. And if  you think they don’t exist, talk to the Russians, or the Norwegians, or something. Or put some people on the problem. Get a research team and pay them enough money to solve the issue. Then order new trains and rails with these specs. But no. Instead, we just keep on doing a bad job, and raising prices while we’re at it. We should be sitting on sold gold thrones with the way ticket prices are going. Maybe a foot massage on the way to work? Yes please.

Ok tomorrow is a new day. I intend to start it with hot coffee, bacon and eggs. Looking forward to it. And for once, i’m actually feeling tired! I’ve been having some issues sleeping lately. I have two types of sleeping pills. Ones that work always, but leave me too groggy to operate the next morning; and ones that kinda-sorta work, and take about 2 hours to kick in. But now i think i might go to bed, au naturelle, and perhaps, if i am extremely lucky, i’ll be able to sleep a solid.. 8 hours, and wake up without a head ache.

Good night, and good luck.

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