9 Apr

It’s been a long time


…since i last wrote on here. I guess i can pretend i was busy. That might be true?

First things first. My grandfather passed away on the morning of the 13th last month. He was 91. I ofcourse, attended the funeral, and I was a pallbearer. It was a short and beautiful event, though sad. Crazily enough, it was the first funeral i’ve attended. And i’m close to 30 years old. I guess they’ll become more common as i get older …

Ok, sad subjects aside, and onwards. I finished my mega-reading project, “REAMDE” by Neal Stephenson. I’m probably going to spoil some, so if you wish to be unspoilt, move to the nexst paragraph. The book was a whopping 1100 pages or so, and possibly the longest book i’ve ever read (i’m not even sure my 60’s paperback edition of Lord of the Rings is longer?). The book starts off as a rivetting drama, but in the end decays to cheap thrills and action, in my humble opinion. The characters are well built, and some are downright likable. The main plot sounds interesting: chinese gold-miners strike back with a virus that extorts people to give away their virtual money, which is then converted to real life currency. The book centers around the maker of the game, and his family. The events are kicked off when some russian gangsters have their money stolen by the chinese goldminers,, and go on a revenge-binge. Sounds cool? I thought so too. But the last few hundred pages lose sight of thise entirely, and even the game is pretty much forgotten. Instead, we’re wrapped in this cat and mouse game that is played between Islamic terrorists, and a bunch of more or less innocent people caught in their wake, somewhere in Brittish Columbia.

I’m not sure what I’ll read next. I considered The Hunger Games, but then, everyone is reading that, plus it might be a kids book like Harry Potter, so I’m not so sure I want to risk it. Plus it’s three parts or whatever? Another series i considered was Game of Thrones. I’ve seen season one, and reading anymore will most certainly spoil the rest of the show for me. Then again, people usually say you should read the book before you see the film. I don’t know. I’ve considered Kevin Mitnick’s autobiography “Ghost In the Wires”, but i haven’t gotten around to ordering that yet.

Cabin-season is beginning. We’re heading out this easter weekend. We had massive storm damage during december, so there’s a lot of stuff to work on once we get there. We bought a new chainsaw so we can start working on cleaning the lot. We’ll have enough firewood to last us, honestly, a decade. I’m really looking forward to going there. I’ve missed the place, i’ve missed the projects, the nature. Which is a stark contrast to what i do for a living: sitting in front of a computer 8-14 hours every day. But i love that too, don’t get me wrong.

I was raging over some random blog, where a chick is describing how a bar used to be different in the “good old days”. And then i remember this chick is 22 years old. Now, i don’t know how young she was when she used to hang out in that bar in the “good old days”, but uh.. *grinding of gears*

Augh. Well, the weekend went well. It was slightly cold, but not too cold to do things. We were cleaning up the yard from that storm i wrote about. There’s so much crap everywhere it’s not even funny. Warmed up the sauna for the first time this season, which was fun. We had to break the ice, literally, with an iron pike or whatever it’s called. Still had about 7 -10 cm’s of ice there, so it’ll be a good month  or so before we get rid of the ice entirely. Usually it’s on the first of may, at the latest.

We should go watch Iron  Sky at some point here. I had the opportunity to see it as part of some.. uh.. half-day-seminar/excuse to see the movie for free, but i passed for some reason. Probably because i want to see it with H. On this topic, i was reading some crackpot’s blog about how Iron  Sky is actually a propaganda-film to prepare humanity for the eventual coming of our uh.. heavenly benefactor space-alien types. Oh and they oppose communism and represent the same values as the aryans. Great! …



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