29 Apr

Deeper and deeper


..into the mists of history. Here’s my workstation in 2009, a different apartment again.


Some explanations may be in order. No, not all systems were hooked up at the time. But most were in some use or another at some point in time. Either for practicing something, a lab or something, or just in storage before it went to some new owner. On the printer on the left, the Canon Mp500 (which was a good piece of work despite not working in Linux), is a disassembled X-box 360. The first one i owned, which broke, and was out of warranty, so naturally, i had to take it apart.

Those speakers i got from M, and were really fucking good, except they broke down a bit after this picture was taken (i think?). The white box under the desk was my OpenBSD box, which still exists (though in a different piece of hardware, and with a later version of OpenBSD). I still have that Keytronic KT-2000 on the left there, and it’s a superb keyboard to this day. The chair sucked dicks, and was discarded later, when i was able to get an old office chair from the company i worked for at the time.

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