3 Jun

The Early Years

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I raided my parents photo albums today, and brought back some dear memories from the early to mid 90’s. I’ve written up an explanation for each picture, and blurred the faces of people to protect the innocent.

An immemorable Christmas, possibly in 1990, or 1991. I got the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, with Super Mario Bros. My very first console, and probably what got me really into gaming.
Me and my sister playing the nintendo during the summer of 94. We’re playing Super Mario Bros.
This could be an ad for the NES. That’s me, being a total playa, and that’s some chick playing on the floor there. Game being played is Super Mario Bros. 3
This was either a 286 or a 386 that my dad hauled from work. I’m playing some skijumping game, i think it was part of some winter olympics game thing.
Here’s the Amstrad 1512 model PC (an 8086 processor) that was, i think, the earliest machine that i’ve every played with. My uncle had it in the late 80’s to early 90’s, and this is, i think, my cousin playing Paratrooper.
Here’s me, being a douche. Behind me is my Compaq Presario model..420? A 486 66 MHz thing. Sold as a “Multimedia PC”, it came with a CD-ROM drive, speakers, and a microphone. We got it in 1995, this picture from 96. Also in the background, note the authentic Windows 95 box, and a sweet 7″ or so color tv. Up on the shelf, an amplifier i still use at the summer house.
Me, in totally street-worthy 90’s flanel shirt, playing something on the presario. Under the desk is probably the first set of games i ever got on CD, “Hits for 6”, which included Railroad Tycoon 1. I remember that chair sucked ass. On the desk there is the printed out manual for Railroad Tycoon 1. On the desk also, a casette walkman.
Some of my elementary school friends over for some gaming. I think it’s obvious we were playing Command & Conquer, and the CD-case is on the desk there. That game.. let me tell you. Many a sleepless nights were spent playing that.
Finally, some blurrycam shots from a lanparty that i know took place in 2000. The games that were played were Unreal Tournament (99), Counter-Strike beta something or other, and hmm.. i can’t remember anything else. These were the first parties that featured online connectivity, courtesy of a DSL modem, shared among the group.
More blurrycam shots from the 2000 lanparty. That’s me on the left.
Can’t quite identify the game being played here. Looks like a shooter or some mecha game perhaps? Same party as the above.

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