The company got an offer from a local ISP, Nebula, for a fast DSL connection for our employees.

Now, Nebula is known among hackers as the best ISP in Finland. Not because of their quality of service (which doesn’t always compete with the big players), but for it’s customer support, flexibility, and freedoms they offer their clients. Nebula was founded, and is run by geeks. You can call them on a sunday to report some oddity, and most likely, they’ll start fixing it right away, instead of waiting for the next available business day. Honestly. Also, running servers is not only allowed, but encouraged. No odd blocked ports (like 25 which is blocked by every major player in this country, including Elisa, Sonera and others.), and you can get a static ip for a set sum of 25 euro, no monthly fee.

Shit, you can even buy your own /29 or /27 if you should feel the need. Most ISP do not even offer that at a price for consumers, and that can be said for my previous provider, Saunalahti. They will be losing a long-time customer as of.. well as soon as Nebula connects my new 24/3 ADSL+ Annex M connection, with static IP.

Eat that, fools!

By the way, it’s lucky that my Linksys WAG200G DSL router supports Annex M connections as of the 1.06.6 Firmware update. A good buy, but it’s an old “out of print” model at this point, i think.

The Continuity Factor

My main machine, Continuity is being upgraded quite heavily. I’ve purchased three new parts for it:

This will make it in to a pretty sweet fucking rig. The only problem now is the graphics, which is currently handled by a PNY Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB, which isn’t the latest spec., but will handle itself quite nicely. Maybe before assembly (or *at*) i will get a new card, perhaps something int he new 200 series of Geforce.

I tend to want to support Nvidia, because they have far better drivers in gnu/linux, than for instance AMD (who bought ATI a while back, as you might recall). Radeon’s usually offer better bang for the buck (and my motherboard offers Crossfire, instead of Nvidia’s SLI so..), but since the support is so lowsy, Nvidia gets my money.

The operating systems currently installed are Windows 7 RC x64, and Ubuntu 9.04.

The blog of a given hacker

Hi, and welcome.

I registered this page yesterday, from EWH Solutions, who had an awesome offer. Fifteen minutes later, the site redirects to another page, webhotelli.fi, which apparently merged with EWH. They apparently eliminated the old offers (though, anyone using an old EWH product can keep their shit!). Had i been Fifteen minutes too late, i wouldn’t have gotten this great deal! So thanks EWH 🙂

So, this is kind of a fork from my original blog. This blog, on my very own domain, will be concentrating on the very essence of grelbar; hacking. I’ll discuss mostly technical matters, while my old blog will discuss matters of my life, politics and general ranting.

Here, i’ll detail some of the projects that i am working on, as well as post interesting hacks that i’ve tried out. There will also be pictures of my lab and hardare. Nothing interesting to you perhaps, but i like it.