Linksys mods

So, me and P were installing OpenWRT on my Linksys WRT54GL, which went fine, both the 2.4 and the 2.6 version, despite the hilarious error message during the initial flash (see image below). The second part was adding an SD card reader to the linksys, which proved to be more challenging.

The card reader was a little fragile piece of plastic which broke when we soldered the wires on it (luckily it’s not too expensive). I think the solderpoints on the Linksys were okay, despite my shitty soldering iron, which was kind of too big. Like going after a fly with a bazooka. I also didn’t have any of the apparently necessary paraphenelia, which P ownd me about numerous times. The problem was the damn card reader. The solderpoints are just too fucking small! If you fudge it, you break the reader, and probably end up soldering the leads together, which makes a short, which blows your plan. Which is probably what happened.

Using an old SD card, i used some tape to get the leads on the card directly, which didn’t work either, despite the white led lighting up on the linksys PCB. This is supposed to be good, since its supposed to light up when the card is in.

Using the 2.6 kernel version of OpenWRT i got nothing, bupkiss. Loading the modules is fine, but as soon as you pass the GPIO arguments to the running kernel, it shits itself. Nothing on dmesg | tail either, like it doesn’t see the card at all.

Using the 2.4 version, and the older mmc. o kernel module, i was able to get some dmesg output, but something is wrong. The Linksys sends out a signal to the card, but the card returns with hex ff which is apparently either an error code, or a sign of the card not even being present or detected. Something is borked, so i’ll have to look at this on better time.


Clockwork Saturday

Today it is time to test the limits of my ensemble. I’ve run some tests with the Phenom II X4 940, which is clocked at 15×200, the default 3.0 Ghz.

I raised it carefully to 16×200=3.2 Ghz, and it hardly registered, as any rise in temperature that is.

I’ve been running it at 17×200 now, 3.4 ghz, and it looks very stable. Check out the screenshot below. I’ve raised Vcore with a measly 0.25v so there’s still lots to do here. I can probably do it at 1.4 or even 1.5v, and then see how far i can raise the multiplier so it’s stable. I’m not looking for an extreme overclock, just a stable, not-hot-as-a-volcano kind of thing, that runs for the 15 seconds it takes to run some synthetic benchmark.


After 2 hours of Prime95 testing to really burn that fucker,the highest i got was 67 degrees, using just the stock cooler, and an open window in my room (no, it wasn’t placed directly in front or anything, just like i’d normally have the window open).

It’s time to raise the stakes.

Okay, volts up to 1.4, easy up on the NB and HT frequencies, and multipliers to 17.5, i.e. 3.5 Ghz. Post nicely, Windows nicely, but rebooted when running Prime for a while. Temps were okay, so it wasn’t that, probably more voltage. More tests later, it’s time to go see Terminator: Salvation, with Anteuz.

Cool Podcasts

Hey! In case you sometimes do boring repetitive work ( _o/ ), and you have to wait some; get some podcasts that teach you useful things!

I’m a podcast newbie, i subscribe to two podcasts. Below, i shall review them in brief, but check them out yourself for the complete experience!

Pauldotcom Security Weekly
P found this a while back, and this show is great! It deals with security like it’s supposed to be dealt with, in a highly technical manner. The subjects range from exploits to defences to general hacks. The hosts are funny as hell, drink beer and do a bunch of gay-jokes while podcasting, so it’s all uh.. clean fun. These guys teach courses for SANS, and they’ve written books too. Among other things, they have a book out that discusses solely the Linksys WRT54G, which is totally kick ass. I think i’m ordering that just to own it.

Off the Hook
I’ve listened through every episode ever made, and i can recommend this to anyone interested in the hacker subculture. Hosted by Eric “Emmanuel Goldstein” Corley, it’s a show on the community supported WBAI 99.5 FM in New York. The entire station runs on donations, which are collected during special “fund-drives” that are organized as necessary, but at least three times a year. On the show are a varying cadre of regulars and not so regulars, such as Bernie S., Redbird, Redhackt, Walter, Not-Kevin, Mike, Jim, Kevin Mitnick and others. In all a great all-round show on all things hacker.

Links to the respective shows are below! If you have any other recommendations for an IT-guy such as me, hit me up with a comment!

2) Off the Hook

Finnkino failings

I wanted to buy some tickets for the movies, and being a netizen, i was going to do this online. Wrong. Finnkino has been planning some update, so they have not sold any tickets for this week in advance. The system was going to go down for update.. uh. last night i think and be done by 10 AM this morning.

Wrong again. At a little past 10 they moved it to “about 12:00”. And at about 12:30, they moved it to “about 14:00”. They’ve kept the same text, but just changed the time. Great going.

Jesus christ, who do you buy your service from…

I bet right now, there are rows of guys writing in all the movie ticket bookings by hand, because everything else was blown to hell and no backups have ever been made.

edit!: Apparently they became optimistic at one point! They changed it from 14:00 to 13:00, and now it’s 13:23, and it’s still broken. Man! 😀

edit2: Now 14:30. This is like an exciting movie.

edit3: Ok nevermind then. At 15:30 or something, it was starting to come up; one hour after they estimated. The site was in a strange state, where most of the functions were in english, and not translated in to Finnish like usual. I was also unable to proceed with the order past the login, and got timeouts all the time. So i just uh.. decided to deal with an actual human being, a rather good looking chick at the ticket-counter. So i got my tickets, and saw Star Trek, yay.