Assembly 2009 – Day 2 – 21:26

Virtua Fighter 5 and PGR4 championships are done, pretty average in general (not that i could do better), PGR4 drivers were good.

There is a shocking detail i would like to bring to your attention: The Slicks n Slide girls. They are a group of four girls, hardly 18 years (i’d peg them even lower), walking around in small ass-hugging hipsters, and enough make-up to resurrect the dead. I mean seriously.  This blonde chick in particular; i bet if i used a small carpenters hammer, i’d chip her entire face off. John Travolta ain’t got shit on these people.

They also have high-heel shoes to make them look even more slutty; most of them had too big shoes on top of it. It looked like some small school children who raided mommy’s closet… Christ.

We’re gonna go out photographing with P now, and after that it’s time for Extreme Graphics i think, and then uh.. 4k and Oldskool compos. Still a lot of the party left….

I was going to buy an EFF shirt, but i need cold hard cash for that, which i don’t have. I operate using plastic money..

Oh yeah, Tege from the Muropaketti forums was on stage for the PGR tournament. He had on a shirt with a banana doing the “fuck” movement, and the text “pane sitä”. Classic inside muoropaketti joke. Gratz for making it that far man.

Assembly 2009 – Day 2 – 19:56

So we’ve now seen and heard the fast music and graphics compo’s. Music was pretty drum n’ bass heavy, which was nice, i liked many of the tunes. Fast graphics had some highs and some lows. I liked the piece titled “Oh shiiii”, it was nicely done. Need to remember to vote, before the time is out.

It’s funny too look at the youngsters, who were born around the time i was in elementary school. They hate the “kill all audio and lights” policy. During the demos you turn off your screens and all audio, to show respect to the artists. But that’s just a lot of hoohaa for these kids. They just came here to play (which they could of course do at home, but i have a feeling mommy and daddy won’t let them). So they come here and they play their asses of, hardly sleeping at all. I don’t see the fun, really.

And let’s not forget this is a demoparty, not a gaming party. That’s what Assembly winter was made for. Fuckers.

Next up, me and P are going to go shoot some pictures from around the event, and then at ten it’s time for the next Compo’s.

Our Civ 4 game is coming along nicely, Ragnar is pretty much fucked over, in say.. 20 turns or so. We’ve launched a massive army on his sorry viking ass.

Assembly 2009 – Day 2 – 16:00

Returned from a trip home. Slept well, ate human food, took a shower and came here.

Civ 4 game is restarting. Machine started hibernating or some such shit, so it wasn’t boincing as i wanted.

Assembly 2009 – Day 2 – 00:48

To get some idea of the amount of hardware that we have here, here’s some guy’s realtime plot of the power consumption of three rows of tables (there are dozens of these).

The dip you can see is when the GameDev compo started. People turn off all audio devices and screens. So for three rows the consumption is in the order of 15-17 kW on average. Insane. I can’t even begin to estimate how much the entire arena is pulling….

Overall everything has started well. Mac and Mory are both here, along with , of course, D who valiantly went to work and returned at around 22. We’re gonna play all night, and then go home for a few hours of sleep around.. say 6AM or whenever we feel tired. There’s basically no official program between 06 and 18 today, so it’s a good place to go home, refuel. I’ll need to remember to get some pain-killers, and some fucking pillows, because these chairs are killing my lower back. Seriously, these are cripplers.

Dr. House ain’t got shit on this.

The politics of DDOS-attacks

Twitter has today been the target of a rather crippling DDOS, which has left the site down for several hours, according to Pingdom and Netcraft.

I haven’t seen any word as to the attacker, and that got me to wonder:

Is there politics involved in DDOSes? Twitter knows exactly who’s been hitting their sites, they see the source ip:s. Sure, they might’ve gone through a bunch of zombies here and there, or a botnet or something, but i’m pretty sure they have an idea of what is going on. Can they tell us who it was?

Let’s play with the idea that it was Iran, even governmental forces in Iran who wanted to show Twitter who is the king of the hill? Twitter was and has been instrumental in the dissemination of information from the botched elections in Iran not long ago. Twitter has been blocked in Iran by the government, but there are also other groups working to provide twitter to Iranians, through proxies and anonymizers. I’m not gonna get in to this issue now; the blocking of people from sites so they can’t talk freely, that’s an issue for a different post.

Instead i’m wondering whether Twitter can actually disclose the attackers, should they  know them? Or does foreign policy or something else dictate how it’s done? I mean, twitter delayed their service break at the request of the government, so that reporting from Iran could keep on going.

Who knows, but i’d be willing to bet at least someone is thinking about this issue. Can you publicly blame someone, if you are absolutely sure it was them? Or does it fall under the umbrella of politics?

Assembly 2009 – Day 1 – 20:13

Party is really starting. We’re waiting for the first actual events, which will start around 22.

I’ve played through half of Left 4 Dead’s campaign, on my own, which isn’t that much fun, but maybe when i’ve got the hang of it, i’ll give some online play a try. Two cups of coffee down so far.Odd by the way, that the Cofitabs jars that i’ve been relying on for cafeination, have changed their recommendations. They now say that an adult should take one per day. 100 mg. That’s very different from what it says on the cans of energy drinks, like Battery. They say 3 cans a day, which totals to around 300 mg? Before  they said 3 pills a day. I guess cafeine is on the road to becoming a controlled substance. In most pharmacies i’ve visited, you actually have to ask for it, and they’ll give it to you from behind the counter.


Still waiting for Mac to arrive. Then on to some co-op gaming a’la Civ 4 Beyond the Sword, or Sins of a Solar Empire.

Running a distributed computing project courtesy of the Boinc project. It’s crunching away my idle CPU cycles on all four cores. Should make for a nice contribution. You can set how much it uses CPU time, how many cores, how much memory and HD and so on. Check it out at and join a project you like. It’s cool to run at these events, because you’ve already paid for power (with your entry ticket),and your machine will be on pretty much all the fucking time.

Assembly 2009 – Day 1 – 19:08

We have lights out and the opening ceremony has been held! Good to be here!

Mory arived with a friend a while back, and we’re waiting for Mac to get here so we can start thinking about games. We’re probably gonna start off with something like Civ4 or some other strategy thing.

Waiting for the concerts today, with Goto80 kicking it off at 22:00, followed later by the zany characters of Desert Planet, in their white overalls and helmets. Then ofcourse the raves later.

We took a round of the place with P and found that there wasn’t much to write home about. the EFF has their stand, with a shirt that i possibly want, “Hands off my data!”. Always happy to support the EFF.

Microsoft is showing off Windows 7, giving out 32-bit RC CD’s, and all manner of schwag, such as small plush animals, bags of crispy rye-bread (yeah, us Finns huh..). They have a poll of some kind, and if you participate, you can win one of ten Windows Vista Ultimate licenses. Wow, it’s like having the award of getting kicked in the balls repeatedly by angry pygmies.

Assembly 2009 – Day 1 – 14:05

Day1 here at the Hartwall arena. I’m set up at our usual space somewhere around C11 and C12 for you stalker types. We’ve got 8 spots here, for our gang of 7, with one extra spot for audio and video equipment. We’re boasting a nice audio setup again, with a H/K stereo amp, and a pair of Proson speakers. We’re probably gonna get complaints for loud audio since our man P can’t seem to keep his volume in a reasonable level. Oh well….

This year D is with us, with a nice machine of her own.

Stuff they’ve done better

There are now two switches for each desk, or so it would seem. I brought two 15 meter cables all for nothing, since i incorrectly assumed that the switches would be at the end of the desk, on the opposite side of where we are sitting. Seems like a good idea to get more switches.

We got in much faster than previous years, perhaps due to the fact that the checks in bags and on your person were a bit easier this year. They were mostly concerned about big knives and bottles containing alcohol.  We were powered on before 13:00, which was nice.

Grabbed a few burgers from Hesburger, at obscene prices, but whatchu gonna do. It’s not like i’m going home to eat.

Just setting up D’s Windows 7 that we installed yesterday, waiting for M&M to join us later today.

Horrible amount of overweight kids this year.. just insane. There’s this guy opposite to me, who can’t be more than 12 years old and who weighs triple what i weigh. Insane. And you can’t bet he’s fast on the keyboard this porker.

Assembly 2009 coming up!

Assembly 2009 is starting in 22 hours and 18 minutes. Well, it’ll start a whole lot before that, as we’ll pack up the Primera, and take the ride to pick up M and M and their machines (and pray to Cthulhu that everything fits), and drive over to the Hartwall Arena.

I’ll mention here, that there are two Assembly events each year nowadays, the Summer event is the main one; the traditional event. This year it’s the 18th year, so Assembly comes of age. In two years, it’ll be the 20th event. Fucking awesome. The Winter event, is geared towards 12 year-olds playing counter-strike, and i shall speak no more of it. It’s good to separate the two events, but, in all honesty, the Summer event has been full of gamers each year i’ve been there anyway (this’ll be the third year for me).

We’ve got a few people going, let’s see..Like 8 places for us this year. A few people decided not to come, and i respect that. It’s a tiring event, and not one for comfort-hogs. It’s dark, it’s loud, it’s sweaty, it’s expensive and .. whatever. But it’s also full of awesome demo’s, compo’s, lectures and other things.

We’ll try to participate at least in the Bluetooth treasure-hunt this year, which involves finding 10 Nokia phones hidden around the Arena using bluetooth. Also, we’ll have a lecture by EFFI, which I am a proud member of. They’ll talk about pressing issues in the world of freedom-of-speech. NVIDIA is supposedly showcasing their TESLA platforms, the GPU supercomputer things, which i am a total sucker for. Of course, there are the nightly raves, which have been awesome, with special appearances by Desert Planet, and Goto80; a new one for me.

We’ll have a Nintendo Wii in our area, with a dedicated screen. Also, we’ll be showing some cool (creative commons etc.) movies.

I’m still looking for a graphics card, but it seems i won’t be finding one before the event. I’m looking for something with CUDA support, such as the Nvidia 260 GTX, but alas, they are sold out. Maybe Jimm’s Pc Store will have somethign on sale at the event, but according to their expo-list, this won’t be the case.

M is coming over today to make some t-shirts for the event, and we’re also going to Lidl to pick up some basic supplies such as energy drinks and salty goodies.

My shirt will read: “I love your wireless network!”