The recording industry

“Nyt pitää ymmärtää, että tietokoneella musiikin kuuntelu on extraa. Normaalisti musiikkia kuunnellaan autossa tai stereoiden kautta. Jos nyt käytät jotain Linuxia tai Macia, kannattaa harkita ihan tavallisen cd-soittimen hankkimista, Tommi Kyyrä, ÄKT, 22.9.2005

And a quick translation for that one english-speaker who accidentally clicked onto my blog:

Now, we have to understand that listening to music on the computer is an added benefit. Normally, you listen to music in your car or through your stereo. If you use some Mac or Linux, you should consider getting a regular CD player.

Cool wallpaper

I merged a dual-screen wallpaper to make one big wallpaper to suit my needs in Ubuntu. It’s pretty cool i think.


Finnkino failings

I wanted to buy some tickets for the movies, and being a netizen, i was going to do this online. Wrong. Finnkino has been planning some update, so they have not sold any tickets for this week in advance. The system was going to go down for update.. uh. last night i think and be done by 10 AM this morning.

Wrong again. At a little past 10 they moved it to “about 12:00”. And at about 12:30, they moved it to “about 14:00”. They’ve kept the same text, but just changed the time. Great going.

Jesus christ, who do you buy your service from…

I bet right now, there are rows of guys writing in all the movie ticket bookings by hand, because everything else was blown to hell and no backups have ever been made.

edit!: Apparently they became optimistic at one point! They changed it from 14:00 to 13:00, and now it’s 13:23, and it’s still broken. Man! 😀

edit2: Now 14:30. This is like an exciting movie.

edit3: Ok nevermind then. At 15:30 or something, it was starting to come up; one hour after they estimated. The site was in a strange state, where most of the functions were in english, and not translated in to Finnish like usual. I was also unable to proceed with the order past the login, and got timeouts all the time. So i just uh.. decided to deal with an actual human being, a rather good looking chick at the ticket-counter. So i got my tickets, and saw Star Trek, yay.

Fun at the Office

Furby eats a Pentium III !
Furby eats a Pentium III !

This Furby was in our server room, but had to be removed due to it being a fire-hazard. So now i have it on my desk, munching on old hardware.