Assembly 2009 coming up!

Assembly 2009 is starting in 22 hours and 18 minutes. Well, it’ll start a whole lot before that, as we’ll pack up the Primera, and take the ride to pick up M and M and their machines (and pray to Cthulhu that everything fits), and drive over to the Hartwall Arena.

I’ll mention here, that there are two Assembly events each year nowadays, the Summer event is the main one; the traditional event. This year it’s the 18th year, so Assembly comes of age. In two years, it’ll be the 20th event. Fucking awesome. The Winter event, is geared towards 12 year-olds playing counter-strike, and i shall speak no more of it. It’s good to separate the two events, but, in all honesty, the Summer event has been full of gamers each year i’ve been there anyway (this’ll be the third year for me).

We’ve got a few people going, let’s see..Like 8 places for us this year. A few people decided not to come, and i respect that. It’s a tiring event, and not one for comfort-hogs. It’s dark, it’s loud, it’s sweaty, it’s expensive and .. whatever. But it’s also full of awesome demo’s, compo’s, lectures and other things.

We’ll try to participate at least in the Bluetooth treasure-hunt this year, which involves finding 10 Nokia phones hidden around the Arena using bluetooth. Also, we’ll have a lecture by EFFI, which I am a proud member of. They’ll talk about pressing issues in the world of freedom-of-speech. NVIDIA is supposedly showcasing their TESLA platforms, the GPU supercomputer things, which i am a total sucker for. Of course, there are the nightly raves, which have been awesome, with special appearances by Desert Planet, and Goto80; a new one for me.

We’ll have a Nintendo Wii in our area, with a dedicated screen. Also, we’ll be showing some cool (creative commons etc.) movies.

I’m still looking for a graphics card, but it seems i won’t be finding one before the event. I’m looking for something with CUDA support, such as the Nvidia 260 GTX, but alas, they are sold out. Maybe Jimm’s Pc Store will have somethign on sale at the event, but according to their expo-list, this won’t be the case.

M is coming over today to make some t-shirts for the event, and we’re also going to Lidl to pick up some basic supplies such as energy drinks and salty goodies.

My shirt will read: “I love your wireless network!”