27 Nov

Auditory woes

My son recently had an interesting issue on his computer. He had recently switched out graphics cards (very proud of him!) and in the process there were some driver issues. Even though he went from Nvidia to Nvidia, there were bluescreens and it took a few reboots for him to get back to the desktop […]

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28 Oct

DRS vCLS wtf?

vSphere 7 update 1 presents – the vCLS (vSphere Clustering Services) appliances which take care of, well, clustering services. They are now an integral bit of how DRS (and HA) works, if turned on. The catch seems to be disconnecting these functions from vCenter, where this functionality was previously integrated. As smarter people (namely Niels […]

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25 Oct

VCSA 7 u1 update woes

“Don’t be hasty master Meriadoc” I was being hasty while updating my own lab vCenter Appliance to 7.0 U1a patch. I started the process from the VCSA gui as usual, but the download was interrupted at 3% (perhaps from a fault of my own), leaving the install in a messed up state. Refreshing the gui […]

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7 May

VSS to DVS – a tale

Recently, me and a colleague were working on upgrading parts of a VMWare infrastructure from a mostly 1 Gbps network configuration to a mostly 10 Gbps network configuration as well as adding a 10G vMotion network. Cabling was already done at this point, but I’ll list the configuration below for posterity: 4 hosts Each host […]

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15 May

Loads of stuffs

So between February and now, the period of time which will be known as the big lazy, is now over. *golf clap* A lot has happened. I went to Las Vegas for EMC World 2014. Came back. Have loads of new gadgets and things to talk about. I’ll list a few just to get started: […]

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1 Sep

History repeating

This Syria bullshit? It’s bullshit right? “Obama asks Congress to approve attacks!”. Based on what, I ask? Oh, we don’t need to worry about that. Russia is fuming, because they feel they are being shat on. And I believe they are. IF, and that’s a very strong if, the US has the proof they ‘need’ […]

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29 Apr


And here are some pics from 2006. Yet another apartment. It would seem that I moved pretty much every year. Not so much lately. A smooth 3×17″ setup. Though, one screen was for my OpenBSD box, and two for my main desktop. I was running Xubuntu back then it would seem. I also seem to […]

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