16 May

Lenovo Thinkpad X270 – Dipping my toes in

The battery life of my previous work laptop, the T460s (first impressions -review here) had become abysmal after about two years of use. I tried to find a solution, but since the batteries are non-replaceable without surgical procedures, the only option would have been to get something like an external battery to keep using it. […]

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15 May

My look at the Kindle Paperwhite 2 (2013)

So I’ll start out by saying that there wasn’t a real.. flaming need to get an ebook reader. I just wanted one. And I am at a point in my life where I can get things that I want. It’s also painfully difficult to get ebook readers in Finland. They have this mantra here. “There’s […]

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28 Jan


The move starts in a few days. We’re pretty much all packed now, just a few things from the kitchen, some clothes, some stuff on the balcony left. We’re living on microwave dinners and plastic utensils. We got rid of our dishwasher because the new place has one already. We still have a 120cm bed, […]

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2 Jan

Steam on Linux

The inevitable thing that everyone has to post about: Steam on Linux! I’ll relay my personal experiences here in very short form. I first downloaded Steam when it went open beta before christmas. I was doing this on my Arch workstation, that ran on the radeon drivers. Steam was available through the AUR, and was […]

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31 Dec

End of a year

The last day of 2012. The world didn’t, much to everyones dismay, end. Or maybe it should have already happened, as the Mayans didn’t account for leap-years, which were implemented much later (and have happened some 500 times since). If those are added in, the world shoul have ended 7 months ago or something. Of […]

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28 Nov


My thoughts on faith, religion… whatever. Controversial topic to some people, or to most people? Kind of like how much you get paid in Finland. I don’t think so. I speak about both issues freely, sometimes to the chagrin of others. I’ll start by telling one of my favorite anecdotes. When our son was born […]

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