20 Jun


Credibility… It’s the only currency that means anything on this kind of playing field. Dean’s got the tape, and he’s gonna come out with it. And when he does, I want his credibility. I want people to know he’s lying before they hear what he says. That’s a quote from the 1998 movie ‘Enemy of […]

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7 Jun

A slippery slope

I was wathcing the news yesterday, and there was a piece on the government supporting teachers getting the right to go through students bags and such while at school. I think this is a horrible idea. Let me tell you why. Traditionally, a person and his property are his. You need probable cause to search […]

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25 Jan

Brand Bias

This is by no means a new phenomena or anything, but it caught my eye.. or ear i should say, when i was listening to the latest episode of the Linux Action Show (Season 15, episode 3). There was a mention of the curious Apple-bias that many tech sites seem to have; the one mentioned […]

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18 Oct

Politics, meet Religion. Religion, meet the 21st century.

Handshakes and hugs all-around? No. I’ll stray from my regular technical writing for a moment, to adress an issue that is very much in the public eye at the moment here in Finland. It all started on a sad and rainy tuesday, the 12th of October. YLE (our state television channel) showed a program called […]

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