1 Sep

History repeating

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This Syria bullshit? It’s bullshit right?

“Obama asks Congress to approve attacks!”. Based on what, I ask? Oh, we don’t need to worry about that. Russia is fuming, because they feel they are being shat on. And I believe they are. IF, and that’s a very strong if, the US has the proof they ‘need’ to attack Syria, why not show it? Why not just bring out a fancy paper, signed and stamped, and have the non-partisan scientists who did the tests show them to the world?

The only feasible reason I can think of is, that the proof does not exist. It’s not on film either. All I’ve seen (and I’ve not seen everything), shows bodies (mostly women and children for maximum impact),  people with watery eyes, people throwing up. People handling the deceased with nothing but a surgical mask and some latex gloves. Not that I’ve ever been exposed to chemical agents, but, the fact that the lethal dose for sarin in humans, is in the tens of milligrams, suggests that handling bodies or affected people would not be very healthy. 70mg is not a whole hell of a lot (some sources say micrograms, but that seems to be incorrect). Now, it seems someone caught on to this, and is now saying that the photographers taking the video/pictures of the supposed victims have also since expired. I haven’t seen any conclusive proof.

Tear gas I have tried out, in the army. It was a 10% diluted solution (or less, depending on who you ask), and the symptoms were pretty nasty even in such amounts. Tearing, snot from every conceivable orifice, gagging, constricted breathing. Now amp that up to full ‘military grade’ tear gas, and I wouldn’t want to see the effects. I bet it can even be lethal to small children, old people, and say, people with chronic respiratory illness.

So the tests that were carried out by the UN were done in a country, and by chemists/doctors who are from countries that are not a part of the UN Security council. It just so happens protocol dictates one of thsse countries is Finland. The personel have signed NDA’s, so they can’t say when, what, how and why. I can understand this. The UN will show the results when they are in. Or will they? Will the US? What will Russia do to demand these results, and what will they do if they are denied them?

Oh shit. Clam down. I mean calm. Take off the tin foil! Maybe it’ll all turn out alright. There’s probably a real reason why the US needs to fire rockets and drop bombs on Syria. After all, they are probably a threat to their freedom. Or something.

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