12 Sep

Upgrading hard drives – part deux


So all is now well and installed. The motherboard SATA mode is set to “RAID” (was “AHCI”).  The configuration is now as follows:

  • 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD – System drive for Windows 7 and Linux
  • 2 x Western Digital Red 1TB in RAID1 configuration (using the built in RAID chip on the motherboard, an Asus P8Z68) – For games, and data that i use actively. Other data is on other systems, stuff I don’t need often.

I had to take out the motherboard, all expansion cards etc, because I had installed my previous SSD behind the motherboard tray in the Fractal Design Define R4 case. It has space for two 2.5″ drives back there. I was sweating buckets, because it’s still incredibly hot here (unseasonably so), and because one of the mounting screws for the motherboard had gotten stuck. One leatherman, one pair of pliers and a screwdriver or two later, it was out safely, without scratching the motherboard or prying lose a single component! Empty bucket of sweat, and get back to work.

Reinstalling Windows 7 was a breeze. Empty SSD, and the RAID1 array, all were detected during the install with no additional drivers needed. Easy!

I’ve yet to install Linux (I’m now on Manjaro, a nice Arch-spinoff), and still kind of sorting out drivers and applications in Windows. But, I did manage to run Crystal Disk Mark on the drives. And here are the results. Everything I had expected:

256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
2x1TB WD Red in RAID1
2x1TB WD Red in RAID1


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