28 Jan


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The move starts in a few days. We’re pretty much all packed now, just a few things from the kitchen, some clothes, some stuff on the balcony left. We’re living on microwave dinners and plastic utensils. We got rid of our dishwasher because the new place has one already. We still have a 120cm bed, and a desk¬†(the desk is gone, thanks M!) that need a new owner. Should we not find one, we’ll take em to Kierr√§tyskeskus or somewhere, so they can be resold or recycled. If you know me, and want either or both, and can pick them up, just get a hold of me before the weekend.

Not really looking forward to the actual move this weekend. It’ll be tough, long days. And after that, a week of things finding their correct places, living out of boxes.. Bleh.

What I am looking forward to, is the new home office. I’ve already made some plans in my head as to the networking in the house. There’s an 8 or 10 port patch panel in the foyer, which I can use to network the different rooms at least to some degree if necessary, though, I will be taking my cable internet connection with me. My carrier also offers “ethernet” to my apartment, at 100/10 (the cable connection is 200/15 or something), and I might end up switching to that, should the cable connection prove shitty or unreliable, or uncomfortable to connect. I’m not sure whether I can get the cable modem near the patch panel, then take the ethernet from the cable modem to the patch that goes to the home office. There, from the wall, it’ll go to the OpenBSD pf-machine, and from there to my home network. If I can’t get the cable modem near the patch panel (depends on whether there is an antenna connection in there), it’ll have to go somewhere near the antenna wall sockets (there’s one in every room, luckily), and then onward from there.

I’d like to have the modem in there, near the patch panel obviously. There’s a power outlet there, and plenty of space. But I forgot (being the idiot that I am) to check if there’s an antenna output in there.

I could go all crazy and get the ethernet as a redundant connection and do some magic on the pf-box so I can switch to that if the cable connection goes down. It was like 35 bucks a month for the 100/10, I think. There was a slower, cheaper alternative, which could function well as a redundant connection, or say, I could provide an airgapped guest WLAN or something absurd like that.

I’m thinking of mounting the TV on the wall. I might just do that, too. Expect pictures.

I’m still reading ‘Diamond Age’ by Neal Stephenson. Last 30 pages or so. I think I see the endgame already, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s gotten pretty convoluted, in a cool way. I’m pretty sure I’ll tackle “The Baghdad Blog” next. Should be a quick read.

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