3 Feb

More updates


Between thursday evening and sunday evening, we moved to our new home. This was more taxing than I had previously anticipated. Moving is cool, in theory. But once you get down to brass tacks, and notice that no, one full van of stuff doesn’t cut it. Or two.. or almost even three. We had a Ford Transit rented out for one full day, and damn was that thing full for all three trips that we made. Granted, our packing skills are not perhaps as honed as those of a professional mover.. guy, but still. The mini-snowpocalypse that hit on friday did not help. We had snow blocking the driveways, the doorways.. Also, driving an unfamiliar vehicle in that much snow, and having that vehicle be full of stuff, does not make things easier. I managed, and didn’t fuck up the van. Score one for the home team.

So now we have 98 m^2 of space, which is now mostly occupied by boxes. I am as tired as a human being can be.

Visavis the connectivity at home: I was unable to hook up the cable modem in the patch cabinet. There’s no antenna socket there, so the Cisco cable modem is now on my desk in the home office. Not a bad compromise, as every room has antenna wall sockets; so no long cables anywhere. Transfering the connection was as easy as before. Remove modem at old apartment, hook up modem at new apartment. Done. My OpenBSD machine didn’t boot correctly, and I had no screen with a VGA plug handy, so that had to wait until Sunday, when I finally had everything hooked up. Not sure why it didn’t boot correctly. Maybe it just didn’t get an IP because I had misconnected LAN / WAN. I should lable the cards in that machine….

Today and ad nauseum into the future:  Remove stuff from boxes. Find proper place for stuff. Fold up box and place somewhere (we had some carboard Ikea moving-boxes).  I’ll update with pics once I get things sorted out.

Infinite thanks to B. Couldn’t have done it without you.


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