2 Jul

Agamemnon Updates


Alrighty then. I had the wonderful opportunity to get a lightweight UPS from my good friend G, who has no need for one. It’s a Powerware 5110, with a USB interface, surge protection and RJ-11 filtering.

That puppy is now hooked up to Agamemnon, the main server on my network. The server has dual power supplies, so im not sure how the proper way to hook it up would be, but the way i did it now is, one power supply is hooked up to AC power, the other through the UPS. I pulled out the AC power one, and then the UPS AC power cord, thus leaving the server on one power supply and the UPS battery. The UPS started beeping to tell me it’s running on batteries, but the machine worked like a charm.

I also added a 146 GB RAID-1 array, called /dump, for general file storage for my users and myself. The one disk apparently is faulty, so i’ll need to swap that fucker out today. Lucky it’s RAID1 😀

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