27 Jul

The AT&T 4chan block


So they’ve gone and done it. AT&T has blocked parts of the popular 4chan forum, notably /b, home of anonymous.

No. Anonymous is not an organisation. They don’t have a leader, they don’t have meetings, they don’t have a head-quarters. They can’t be bartered with, they can’t be bribed. They just do their shit.

It’s a loosely connected pile of posters on a forum, that can, if whim allows, do some funky shit like take down websites, organize flash-mobs and protests, or whatever they please. Anonymous often reminds posters that “it is not a personal army”. You can’t ask anonymous to do something for you. Anonymous forms on its own and does what it feels like.

The name of this “group”, though i do not wish to call it that, comes from the fact that when you post on 4chan, you can give a nickname, but if you don’t, like most people, you’ll simply be posting as “anonymous”. It’s a force of nature that can’t be quantified, actions of that can’t be predicted.

Blocking 4chan may have been the stupidest fucking idea AT&T did in a long line of really bad ideas. I’m not gonna go on a whole rant of ma’ bell, the babybells or any of that other phone company history that only interests hackers and phreakers. But sufficed to say, they’ve not always been at the top of their game.

I’m gonna follow this as it goes on, but it’s either going to end in:

a) massive ddos and other attacks on AT&T services, physical or virtual

b) at&t giving in to customer demands

c) lawsuits

4 thoughts on “The AT&T 4chan block

  1. And once again, it NEVER fails with the incessant lying, as lying is a way of life for these hacker creeps. I salute AT&T for blocking viruses, trojans and nasty spider scripts, as that is what the REAL truth is as to WHY AT&T has flashed the middle finger [blocked] to 4 Chan. Why should AT&T waste time and energy in dealing with viruses, trojans and uncontrollable script programs emanating from the 4 Chan site?

    I don’t condone censorship and I certainly don’t condone lies “in the name of lulz”. The only thing 4 Chan has proven again and again, is that they are infantile and violent. A bunch of two year olds who go on tirades. And just like an out of control two year old, they need some REAL hard slaps from the school of hard knocks.

    Any consequences or denial of internet access to AT&T customers due to NAZI actions emanating from 4 Chan [or any other hacker creeps for that matter], I pray that they are caught, rounded up, prosecuted beyond the extent of the law, thrown in a windowless cell and locked up forever until the day they die.

    I commend AT&T for taking the step forward and I sincerely hope that other ISP’S follow suit ASAP. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Hackers cause destruction, chaos, waste everyones time and energy. Normal people on the net are SICK AND TIRED of these two year old tantrum antics that 4 Chan displays on a daily basis. These hacker creeps really and truly need to GROW THE F*** UP.

  2. Wow, ease up there on the Nazi comparisons. You do know that there is such a thing called Godwin’s Law? You do realize you’ve lost the argument the second you pull the nazi card? 🙂 Either way, good troll, probably automated, but either way, a good troll. 🙂

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