5 Nov

Nuevos Hardwareos

Category:Hacking, Hardware

A client was generous enough to donate me an old laptop to play with. It’s a Compaq EVO N610C. You may remember if from about 8 years ago, or so? It’s got that silver wlan antenna thingy behind the screen?

compaq n610c

Yeah. That one.

Anyway, it’s a nice piece of work despite being old. It’s a very first generation pentium 4 mobile, which means it eats battery like a kid eats cookies. 512MB ram, 40 gig hard drive. Old, but works fine. Put Xubuntu 9.10 on it, XFCE works just fine, and plays DVDs too. 14″ screen.

I’m gonna be playing around with the wireless some more, since it has a good atheros chipset, and a proper antenna (with a ready plug for an even bigger external antenna). I’m thinking this might become my wardriving laptop, or something in that order.

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