28 Aug

Samsung Galaxy S, pt. 3, My Favorite Applications

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Ok, so you have your phone rooted, updated and lag-fixed. You want some apps? Here are my picks:

  • Android Terminal Emulator (Well, it’s a terminal emulator)
  • Quadrant (For benchmarking and cock-measuring contests)
  • IMDB (Because i love my movies)
  • Spotify (Great if you have the.. Unlimited? Premium? Whatever it’s called nowadays account)
  • XBMC remote (Control your XBMC media center on your phone!)
  • FMI Helsinki Testbed (great weather app for the Southern Finland area)
  • Market Access (allows me to pay for applications. Paid apps are not available in Finland officially)
  • Advanced Task Killer (kills apps left open in the background)
  • Facebook / Twitter / Other Web 2.0 Socialwhoring apps
  • Astro File Manager (Look at your filesystems. More functionality than the built in “My Files”)
  • Barcode Scanner (handles all kinds of barcodes and can do searches online)
  • Instant Heart Rate (This one was fun, measures heart rate using camera)
  • Droidopas (Helsinki area public transport guide, by my good friend Anteuz)

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